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Copywriting Tips - Plugging Up the Holes in Your Copy

Steven Wagenheim

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Nobody is perfect. I am certainly far from it. I have yet to see the perfect sales letter. That's what makes us all human and that's why even the greatest sales letters don't convert at 100% or even anywhere close to it. Having said that, you want your copy to be as solid as possible and that means plugging up any holes that might be in it. What do I mean by holes? Keep reading and you'll find out.

Sales copy is like a story. You begin with your headline, which is essentially the title of your story. You want your title to be interesting, otherwise, nobody is going to read your story. Make sense? I mean if your title was something like “My Story" who would care? But if it was something like, “How I Beat Cancer In 3 Weeks" that would be something that would get somebody's attention, don't you think? So the first hole that you have to plug up in your copy is the title itself, or in this case, the headline.

But what about the story? All sales letters have stories. You may not look at them that way, but that's really all they are. You're telling a story about your product. You may include a story about yourself as well. A common approach is to write about how you discovered the product and how it changed your life. These kind of stories are always fascinating reading. But sometimes holes pop up in your stories as well. For example, you might go off on a tangent about how you visited some Tibetan monastery or something like that. If it doesn't directly relate to the product and how it helped you, it's not needed. It's just filler material that's going to detract from the copy. These are glaring holes.

And the worst part about these kind of holes is that people don't realize that they are holes. Well, there is an easy way to determine this. Read the section of copy in question and ask yourself this question. “Is this section of copy absolutely necessary to my sales letter?" If the answer is no, get rid of it. . . it's a hole.

You'll be surprised how well you can trim down your copy if you use this approach.

Don't let holes in your copy ruin the good stuff. Every hole that you have is one less person who buys.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim

Want to write copy just like the pros? Visit my site at and discover killer copywriting tips that have allowed me to write my own copy for years and earn myself a 6 figure a year income selling my own products.


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Copywriting - Why You Absolutely, Positively Need to Write Your Own Sales Copy
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