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Easy Copywriting Secrets Freelance Writers Must Use

Angela Booth

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Want to eliminate rejection and get guaranteed responses to your query letters? When you start thinking like a copywriter, freelance writing will become much easier, and much more profitable. Discover five easy secrets of persuasive writing in this article.

These secrets work for all freelance writers, whether you're writing for the Web, for print, or for multimedia scripts. When you use them, editors and buyers of your writing will love you, and will use your services, no matter how much you charge - and please, charge well for your words. They're worth it.

1. Chat on the Page: You're Having a Conversation

Here's the most important tip in this article: be clear. Read your article, query letter, report or book out loud as you write. Reading out loud ensures that you're using a conversational style; you'll eliminate any tendency to “write. "

"Writing" is a form of self-consciousness, and it's the curse of all new writers. It takes around five years before a new writer stops “writing", and just says what he's got to say. The earlier you realize you're communicating, rather than writing, the sooner you'll write like a pro.

2. Attract Attention With Your Headline

When I started my writing career as a romance novelist, an editor told me “You've got a lively style". My style helped me to sell novels and magazine articles even as a new writer, and it developed directly from my work as a copywriter.

Use the copywriter's formula of AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) in all your writing: all writing is persuasive writing.

Persuasive writing starts with your headline, but don't be fooled into thinking that your headline is more important than anything else: it's not. Your offer is.

3. Make Your Offer Irresistible

The offer is your writing. If you're writing a query letter for an article or a book, that offer must be irresistible: this means that you've done your market research, so you know that your offer is exactly what the editor wants.

When you're writing the actual article or book, you deliver exactly what you promised in the query letter.

Delivering on the promises in your headline (title); there's not much more to great writing than that.

4. Make It Easy to Take Action

In my stints as an editor, I've always been amazed at the number of writers who make it hard to get in touch. Always double-check that you've included your email address, phone number and postal address in all your writing.

In the excitement of getting a project wrapped up and out the door it's easy to forget simple details like your contact information: don't.

5. Follow up: Don't Be a Snowflake

It takes more than a single snowflake to make a snowstorm. It also takes more than one or a dozen pieces of writing to make a career. Follow up with all your writing.

If you haven't heard from an editor or other buyer of your writing within a month: follow up. Do it consistently, and you'll have a great writing career.

It all starts when you apply copywriting secrets in all your writing.

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Freelance Writers - Learn to Believe in Yourself!
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