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Copywriting Tips on How You Can Prevent 6 Copywriting Blunders That Depresses Profits


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If you surf around the internet today, you'll no doubt come across numerous awful websites. They make you want to click away intuitively.

Building a good website is hard work. You don't want to mess it up just because you wasn't aware of the mistakes thousands of copywriters already made for the past decades. Here are the 6 most common mistakes I see new copywriters commit.

  1. The first mistake is not giving the piece of writing enough search engine juice. Search engines are currently a major part of the internet. If you search engine optimized your sales copy, you can expect to get a flood of new traffic very soon. This means that you have to do some keyword research, but you should be able to get that while you're doing your customer research.
  2. Make sure your website is “sticky". Sticky websites glues readers and prospects onto your writing by providing something of value. Value doesn't have mean it has to solve a certain problem they have. It can be something funny or even discussing controversial topics.
  3. Have you ever been to one of those websites where it's so difficult to navigate, you just leave in frustration. Well, don't let your website be one of them. If you think it's easy to find where thing is, it's because you created the website. Try asking a friend who has involvement with the website to find a certain information on the website and observe his activities. If he hits the back button a lot, it's a sign that your website is too complex to use.
  4. Take advantage of lists like this one. People loves lists because they are easy to read and is straight to the point. People are all busy and they never appreciate fluff so don't waste your time writing them.
  5. No one said you must maintain a website all by yourself. No matter what kind of website you own, you'll always benefit from having a blog. So set one up and get contributing authors to post there. Not only will build your mailing list (put a form on your blog), you can also direct traffic to your main website where you're selling them your products.
  6. Always track your website and see how it can be improved. If you can't afford a professional tracking service, using Google Analytics is a free and simple service anyone can implement right now.

Would you like more in-depth lessons on these copywriting tips ? Due to space and linking limitations I can't complete it here but I've set up a website where you can continue to discover the details.

Andre Thomas was a freelance copywriter for 8 years. He now works at home as an internet marketer around his family. You can find his latest best-selling copywriting course on his website.


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