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Want a Successful Freelance Copywriting Career? Here's What Not to Do

Shanki De Silva

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Commonly referred to as the “sins" in the professional freelance copywriters’ circle, the following 5 reasons could be why you are still waiting for that big break. This is a wake up call for all you eager people trying to land a great freelance writer job.

1. Lack of marketing knowledge - unfortunately, most freelance copywriters don't know how to market their talents. They don't learn either and give up, often going back to their full-time job in an office. It's crucial to have a reputation in the freelance copywriting field and the only way you can get such a reputation is by marketing yourself.

2. Procrastinating - this is more common than not, because most freelancers are just plain lazy to sit down and complete a project. If you want to become successful, you simply have to work. Your first freelance writer job is just a kick-start and you have to be willing to continue working.

3. Surfing the internet too much - you have an outstanding freelance writer job, but you spend too much time reading blogs, commenting and bookmarking that by the end of the day, you're behind schedule. Allow yourself about 30 minutes before you start working to surf the web and if you want to, you can do the same again after you've done your work.

4. Lack of patience - becoming successful in freelance copywriting doesn't happen overnight and often it'll take several months before you even start making a profit from it. The first few years are when you build up the business, and a good clientèle, and the benefits only start rolling in if you are patient enough to stick around for the long haul.

5. Lack of negotiation skills - every freelance writer job you undertake requires you to put in a certain amount of time and energy. This is the main reason for you to learn the art of negotiating, because if you don't do it properly, you'll be wasting your efforts on something that's simply not worth it. If you have to spend hours on research that'll go unaccounted for in a copywriting project, you might as well direct that time and energy to a project that will really pay you well for all the work you do.

Shanki de Silva is a professional freelance copywriter specializing in web content, articles, blogs, brochures and PR material. Visit NetProductsReview , a review site for work-at-home and freelancing products and services, for more information and resources.


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What to Watch Out For When Freelance Copywriting
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