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Copywriting - It's Your Ticket to Wealth If You Learn How to Master It

Diamonique Fortune

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Because we live in a “me first" society, it is not surprising that most marketing campaigns are based on the “me" mentality. How could they be otherwise, when most people go into business solely for their own objectives without a care for what may happen to the people they are attempting to help. Most marketers forget that their success is dependent on helping thousands, perhaps millions of other people to get what they want.

Words are very powerful. They are our primary source of communication. Nowhere else does this statement ring true than in the area of copywriting. Copywriting holds the key to all of your customers and potential customers’ buying decisions. Great copywriting is skillfully using the right words, at the right time, with the right audience.

Marketing and copywriting go hand-in-hand. Your copywriting is the message, and marketing is the means through which you deliver that message. In fact the sole purpose of your copywriting is to persuade your reader, listener, or viewer to act - for example, to buy a product or service. So your copywriting holds the power to intrigue your customers or send them packing. And your ticket to wealth is guaranteed if you learn how to master copywriting using words that trigger the right emotions -for words are the deciding factor in most of our decisions.

Don't believe me? I know two sisters who were once very close as children. During an argument, one sister carelessly said some things that were quite frankly, hurtful and belittling to the other. Because of these impulsive words spoken in anger, the sisters have not spoken to each other in years.

Your job as marketer and copywriter is to learn how to create persuasive promotional text, and craft words in such a way that your promotional text persuades readers to buy from you. I cannot over emphasize the importance of this skill - or the difficulty most marketers have in acquiring it. Words sell! Words persuade people! And it is persuasive copy that sells the most.

For your promotional copy to create massive profit, it must touch the anxious nerves (as well as excite the deepest hopes and wants) of real people - people who are complicated, irrational, and unpredictable.

Your copywriting must pitch the perfect message to the right target market, and convince them to take action (i. e. purchase from you; to contact you faster; to buy again).

Motivating them and compelling them to act is what your copy must do. Your copywriting must reach out and touch, and move people who need you.

Writing persuasive copy, therefore, is an art form. And if you are using content on your website (called content writing), then you must strive for that perfect balance between writing copy that creates human interest and loyalty, and at the same time, striving for search engine optimization. That means you must create a perfect balance between writing interesting, informative content, and keyword density for the search engines.

Wealth is indeed possible through copywriting when it is convincing, persuasive, and creating sales.

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Diamonique Fortune is a freelance writer, marketer, web & graphics designer with a B. in Psychology. She and her team of writers and designers provide high quality content for is a personal and business development website that is dedicated to people's personal and business growth and development.


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