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Your Copywriting Business - Can You Make Yourself Failure-Proof?

Angela Booth

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Have you just started your copywriting services business? Welcome to the most profitable and fun profession in the world. Here's how to ensure that you thrive.

I was speaking to a copywriting colleague the other day and asked her what a new copywriter needs in this amazing new Web-centric world. “A pulse, " she replied, and she wasn't joking.

Even as a brand new copywriter, there are unlimited opportunities for you.

However, freelance copywriters scramble back into the nine to five world every day. This isn't because they're bad copywriters, it's because they don't market themselves to best effect. They're used to being told what to do, and aren't prepared to be real business people: they underestimate the importance of consistent marketing.

So, here's how to make your copywriting services business failure-proof: understand the importance of marketing, and be prepared to market yourself every single day.

Here's how.

Marketing 101 starts with the 4Ps - product, price, promotion and place:

1. Choose Your Products

Your “products" are the copywriting services you provide. Choose the ones with which you're most comfortable; they'll change over time. Don't spread yourself too thin. Choose a maximum of three to start with - setting yourself up as a major provider with endless services destroys your credibility if you're just starting out.

You might choose direct response packages, marketing collateral, and catalog copy, for example.

Build your portfolio around these products.

2. Price Your Products

Pricing is always difficult for new copywriters. You're tempted to price yourself low, so you get more business.

Here's a truth: clients looking for the cheapest deal are more trouble than they're worth. Believe it. Set a price you're happy with, usually at least double and even triple the price you first thought of.

You will get clients at the rates you want, and the higher the rates (commensurate with your experience and ability) you charge the better the clients you'll attract.

3. Promote Your Products

Here's where the rubber hits the road. I LOVE promoting my services now, but this wasn't always the case.

Here's another major tip for you if you hate to promote yourself: do enough of it, and you'll grow to love it too. Remember you're a sales person who sells with words. If you can't sell yourself, who or what can you sell?

Promotion becomes easier when you think of yourself as just another client. Create a promotional plan, using the best channels for your products and the prices you charge.

There are endless promotional channels: classified ads online and offline, networking (again, online and offline), news releases, direct mail. . . choose one channel a month and focus on it all month.

4. Where? Select Your Locations

I always advise new copywriters to start out close to home. Yes, you can target the globe with your services, but until you have considerable experience (which translates into confidence) your best clients are local clients.

This is simply because you'll have less competition locally - you may even be the sole copywriter in your city.

So there you have it: learn to market your services, and do it, and your copywriting business will be failure-proof.

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