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Web Copywriting Tips Write Sales Letters Which Convert

Angela Booth

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A Web sales letter which doesn't convert (make sales) is just a collection of words. Discover four copywriting tips which will help you to increase your conversion rate.

It's All About Credibility and Trust

Selling on the Web via Web sales letters is a form of direct response marketing; other forms include telemarketing, direct mail and infomercials. Since the Web buyer has no other references to answer his: “Who are you, and why should I trust you?" questions, you must establish your credibility on the page.

Trust is built in the way you write the page. One way is by offering a guarantee. It's NOT the best way. You're asking someone to trust you enough to hand over their credit card details, so saying they've got a 60-day guarantee means little - you could be a credit card scammer.

Here are four tips which will help you to write Web sales letters which convert.

1. Your headline must grab your prospect's attention

Get him reading, and keep him reading. . . if your prospect stops reading, it's game over.

"Cute" headlines and outrageous claims are a red flag. Remember that it's all about credibility and trust, so write a headline which speaks directly to your prospect's need.

2. Emphasize your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

As your prospect reads, he's conducting a conversation in his head. He's asking “So what?" You need to answer him with your USP.

Therefore, before you write a single word, work out what your USP is. If you don't have a USP, you can't write a sales letter which converts.

Once you find your USP, build your sales letter around it.

3. Tell them who you are, and why they should trust you

Your sales letter needs to contain verifiable information. Add your (real) name to it, with any relevant affiliations.

4. Credibility check - your spelling counts

Your spelling really does count; it's not just nit-picking. One way to recognize a hoax or spam email is by its spelling mistakes; buyers know this, and any spelling mistakes raise red flags. Spelling errors speak directly to your credibility: use a dictionary.

Writing Web sales letter which convert well is easier when you read your sales letters from the point of view of your buyers. Write to build credibility and trust, and you'll sell.

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Copywriting Tips - Optimizing Your Sales Page
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