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Adding Power to Your Copywriting


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Copywriting is a powerful medium; by the sheer power of words it moves people. The manifestation of this power is stronger especially on the Internet in the form of online copywriting, as despite hundreds of distractions, as a copywriter you not only have to keep your readers focused to your copy, you also need to convince them into taking the desired steps. To use a popular term, your copywriting should pack a punch. How do you instill power into your copywriting so that it really moves people, it really motivates them into performing an action that is mutually beneficial: to you as well as your readers.


In order to write something compelling on the chosen topic you first have to grasp the inherent importance of your topic. Why is there a need to write about it? What is intended to be achieved by writing on the topic? How the topic is going to benefit your readers? In fact this is the strongest driving force of your copywriting exercise: what benefit or benefits can it compellingly highlight? This you can only understand if you grasp the relevance of your topic; how it is going to affect you and how it is going to affect your readers.


Writing a targeted copy is always better than writing a generic, non-focused copy. After understanding the topic you need to understand the aspirations of your readers. What are they looking for? What are the solutions they are looking for, for their problems and how do you intend to address them? You need to pinpoint the strongest emotion that moves your readers. Once you know your readers you should directly talk to them through your copy. Try to make your offer as irresistible as possible.


The content of your copy should not be arranged in an ad hoc manner. There should be a natural flow so that it seems like a story is being weaved. There should be a beginning, there should be a middle narrative, and then there should be an end. It is a journey that you reader takes with you. Arrange your text in a manner that it is easier to go through it, especially on the Internet because people are anyway in a hurry because there are so many other websites to visit. Highlight the central message using headings, bullets, and bold text. Formulate your headings in such a manner that a person can understand the gist of your copy by simply going through the headings.


For an online copywriter it is very important to be able to write both for human readers and search engine crawlers. The content of your copy should be arranged in such a manner that the search engine algorithms can easily make out what keywords and key phrases you are intending to target. Creating keyword rich content doesn't mean stuffing your copy needlessly with relevant keywords and key phrases; creating keyword rich content means using your words judicially and meaningfully and normally and SEO copywriter is well versed with the art.


Action words prompt your readers to perform an action, something like “contact now", “subscribe", “contact", “call or write", “hurry", etc. This instills a sense of urgency. Whatever is the reason it has been noted that people do act when they come across action words. It is also very natural; if you want a person to buy from you then obviously you're going to tell him or her to “buy".


This phrase I have also mentioned in the above paragraph. It is something like “buy before the price doubles", or “buy now and get a 60% discount", or “shipping is free if you purchase three items immediately and you also get the fourth item free". Such offers prompt people to transact business with you.

Amrit Hallan is an Online Copywriter and a Website Content Writer. Some of his clients also know him as an SEO copywriter When he is not lazy or not extremely busy he shares his thoughts on content writing, blogging, SEO and Internet trends through Content Blog


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