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Website Copywriting Tip Writing For the Helen Keller Moment

Vicki Flaugher

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As a kid, I was fascinated with the story of Helen Keller. Her story and accomplishments were a real inspiration to me. She achieved more than many people without any disability at all accomplish and, partly because of her story, I became captivated by what I call the “Helen Keller Moment".

The story goes that Annie Sullivan, Helen's teacher, was trying to teach Helen sign language. Annie was signing “water" into Helen's hand as they both had their hands underneath a gushing well water pump. At that moment, Helen got it. She made the connection between the hand movements her teacher was making into her palm and the gushing water running over it.

After weeks and weeks of Annie Sullivan trying, Helen finally understood the intense potential for communication that sign language held for her. A new world was opened to her and Helen ran through that door faster than lightening, rushing around wildly to learn the signing for everything she could get her hands on.

What does this story have to do with internet copywriting? Well, your potential new clients, the visitors who are coming to your website, have probably not yet had their Helen Keller moment. It's your job to facilitate that moment for them.

Do you remember when you first learned to drive? What about the first time you realized you could read? What about your first kiss? You probably do these things by second nature now, but it hasn't always been that way, right? Of course not, although some of you may complain it's too hard to remember way back then, right?

What seems obvious to you, as an expert, is not obvious to other people, especially beginners. Simple things need to be explained. Vocabulary needs to be defined. You need to put yourself in their shoes. “Spelling it out" isn't insulting, it's helpful. You have to teach them your language.

Understanding sometimes lags and lags but then a sudden breakthrough happens. It's a magical moment and you can help people achieve it. Surprisingly, this principle applies to anyone who is learning new ideas, even people who are well-educated in general. Providing content on your website that reaches your visitor where they are at, not where they are going to be, is how to make the magic happen.

Focusing on the needs of people who are just short of their Helen Keller moment is how to spread your message. Once they walk into that brave, new world that you have helped them discover, the level of loyalty and appreciation is huge (not to mention profitable to you). And, if you're like me, it will warm your heart and motivate you to keep doing it.

So, write to reach and you will be rewarded. For your website visitors, it's exciting to know how to ask for water when they're thirsty and to actually get it.

Vicki Flaugher, creator of , is on a mission to nurture and empower the Emerging Woman Entrepreneur, the 35-55 year old female entrepreneur worldwide starting out in business for herself. The website is a resource and community site where Smart Women everywhere can learn the how-to of starting their own business, building their business, and enjoying a passionate and inspired life.

You are invited to become a guest writer on the Smart Woman Guides. If you provide products or services to the 35-55 year old female audience, you are invited to submit your offerings for review and inclusion. Visit the site today and get involved!


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