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Copywriter Wanted 7 Signs That You Need Help From a Freelance Copywriter


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It's easy to believe we can do everything our business needs: strategy, marketing and production planning? And surely everyone can write; can't they?

Be honest now. When it comes to differentiating your business in a competitive market, do you really have the skills and experience to do your own copywriting? Especially when hiring a professional can free your time to do more of what you do best: running a factory, getting profitable new business or planning a winning marketing strategy.

Should you be drafting that ‘copywriter wanted’ ad? Here are 7 signs that it might just be time.

1. Copywriting stays at the bottom of your to-do list

You know what you want to say and you know that the market needs to hear it. But somehow, that brochure copy, new website content or a long overdue case study sits at the bottom of your list of things to do.

2. Your website content hasn't changed for ages

We've all seen them; websites that stay the same for weeks, months or even years. And we all know that regularly updated content reflects a dynamic business. What's more, search engines love to find new or updated content when they spider your site. Enough said!

3. You accept that you don't enjoy writing, or it doesn't come naturally

Full marks for honesty. You probably thrive on business strategy or finance while other people's eyes glaze over at the very thought of these disciplines. We can't all be excited by everything; that's why we have specialists. So hire a specialist copywriter today and do more of what you do best.

4. Your kid asked about ‘Title tags’ and you were stumped

Young people have a flair for IT and the Web but they may not have the business experience and writing ability that a good copywriter can bring. If you don't know your metatags from your subheads, a freelance writer can help you. (Incidentally, a well-written Title metatag is vital for search engine optimisation; too many sites miss out on this great opportunity. An experienced SEO copywriter can put that right in a jiffy. )

5. You realize that you're just too close to your business

An objective view of a business often helps when it's time to write engaging, benefit-led copy. Are you simply too close to what you do? A freelance copywriter can bring a refreshing new perspective.

6. You're a website designer who doesn't offer a website copywriting service

As an experienced website designer you've just realised that you could make more money by offering a one stop website copywriting service. A reliable freelance copywriter can help you add value for your clients. Don't wait any longer, get that ‘copywriter wanted’ ad running or search the Web for the help you need.

7. You keep wishing you could afford an in-house copywriter

Whenever you need to do copywriting, do you wish you had the convenience of an in-house writer. But then you don't want the overhead when there's not so much writing to do. What's the solution? It's obvious: hire a creative freelance copywriter when you need one. . .

Listen to your intuition and read the signs. You'd hire an accountant or an IT specialist so why not do the same for your copywriting. With a little professional help, those great website pages, case studies or brochures don't have to stay at the bottom of your to-do list!

Al Hidden is probably one of the most experienced copywriters in Gloucestershire, England. His background is in technical sales, marketing management, technical writing, copywriting and PR. He specializes in technical, marketing, PR, website and SEO copywriting and copy-editing for large and small organisations in Gloucestershire and the rest of the UK.


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