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6 Tips For Writing Compelling Testimonials For Massive Amounts of Publicity

Ellen Violette

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As children we're taught that it is better to give than to receive. The interesting irony is: it's impossible to give and not get something back in return. And the more you give, the more you get, thanks to the Law of Karma.

You can deliberately exploit this universal principle to benefit others, as well as yourself, by giving great testimonials whenever you are inspired to do so. Word of mouth communication has always been the most effective method for getting the word out about a book or ebook, product or service and the testimonial is a simple and easy way to do it.

Here are some rules you can apply that will make your testimonials more appealing and get you massive amounts of publicity:

1. Strike while the iron is hot.

The best time to write a testimonial is just after you've read the ebook, completed the writing course or tried the new software. That's when you're really bubbling with excitement. The experience is still very fresh in your mind and light bulbs are going off in your head. You are in a heightened state of awareness. Writing from that level of conciousness makes it easy to describe the
benefits that impress you the most. Readers will sense your sincerity and will be influenced by it.

2. Be specific about what the ebook or product did for you.

Avoid statements that are vague and general because they tend to lack power and conviction. If you learned how to write more powerful chapter titles for your ebook, or were shown how to apply text to the perpendicular spine of your ebook cover image, say so.

If the writing course material was easy to digest and implement, mention that too. The more precise you are about what you got out of the it, the more valuable your testimonial will be to the reader.

3. Let your personality shine through.

You don't want your testimonial to appear stiff and forced. Write it as if you were telling a close friend about a good book or a favorite movie. Keep your tone natural, relaxed and conversational. State your opinions clearly and directly and use words that will trigger the particular emotions you want to convey, without being sensational. The more honesty and sincere you are, the better; people can feel it.

4. Be selective about the ebooks or products or people you testify about.

In real life, perception is reality. That truth is even more important on the Internet. Many people see as a cold, impersonal place and often make snap judgments based on appearances alone. So, always consider where your testimonial will appear.

Does the website have a professional appearance? Are the people behind it trustworthy and of the caliber you'd want to be associated with? Are you sufficiently satisfied with the product to write about it?

5. Post your testimonial on high-traffic sites.

Sites with extremely high volumes of traffic will expose your testimonial to more pairs of eyes, giving you increased publicity. Sites like Amazon and eBay that attract millions of daily visitors are excellent place to leave a testimonial. If you purchased something on either of those sites that you honestly enjoyed, give a testimonial.

Try incorporating the above ideas when you sit down to write your next testimonial. You'll widen your net and generate a lot of free publicity for yourself. At the same time you'll be helping deserving businesses to grow. That creates a mutually beneficial relationship, and those are the best kind.

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Ellen Violette, The eBook Coach, is the creator of the Quick-Start 3-Day eBook Authoring Workshop which teaches people how to author an ebook in 72 hours or less. . Guaranteed! She is also the creator of eBook Profit Marketing Secrets a step-by-step guide to building a profitable ebook and information business online and co-author of Sell More eBooks, Low And No-Cost Tactics To Explode Your eBook Sales And Downloads with Internet Expert Jim Edwards. Ellen has also written The eBook Journal For Authoring Success and more. And, she is a Grammy-nominated songwriter.


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