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Whats the Number One Activity Done on the Internet?

James Broadfoot

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Within this advanced high-tech world of the internet and all the marketing influences that take place reading still reigns supreme. Among all the fancy flash, streaming audio and video, and a myriad of other eye grabbing technorama; internet users still gather the majority of their information from text and copy. The written word is not dead after all. I'm a strong advocate of the importance of video, as well as any other visual elements that can enhance a website or marketing campaign, but I also recognize the importance of language and how it works.

The written word in all forms of media is probably the biggest factor in how we form our decisions. The important thing to note that the vehicles that stimulate and excite our other senses act as support and reinforcement to ideas. The internet was founded on the exchange of textual information not too long ago and will probably remain its foundation for the rest of time. Reading copy is just how humans are geared to receive intellectual material.

It is when this principle is combined with other methods that the real power of reinforcement happens. What could be a better strategy than to not only incorporate one style but two or three. With every added communication tool it not only increases the retention of the message but also increases the versatility of your site. Keep this in mind when you are designing your website or marketing campaign.

Remember that good copy and the option to review, scan, absorb, and return to this information is invaluable. It is also a good reference point for you the originator. Starting with good copy lays the foundation that you can build on and expand upon. Once you have a focused message it is easier to add pictures and videos that relate to this message.

Let people decide for themselves how they gather your information by providing options. Some may chose to watch a short video or a tutorial. Some may dive directly into the text, but offer these options so that they complement each another and you will create a more powerful way to deliver your message. It also brings visitors back to your site when they feel there is more to learn or that maybe they missed something the first time.

Another obvious reason and notably the reason to cultivate compelling copy is for the ever hungry search engine spiders. To date these crawlers can't actually detect the content of flash and video, no matter how important or valuable it is. Having fresh content circulating throughout the web keeps you and your material current. Sometimes while doing routine checks to some of my programs I discover high page ranking for some I wrote months earlier. Content is king and will get your pages ranked higher than the flashiest of sites with weak content. The more content the better, as long as it's original and diverse.

Learning these skills will take time to master but it is definitely the skill you don't want to skip over. It might even be a little intimidating at first, but there are ways around this. Write as if your writing a letter to a friend, only your highlighting the key points more often. Simply explain how your topic has benefited you. Over time you'll develop a style and ease that makes producing good copy routine or fun. And once you reach this point you can write on virtually any subject. Finding a copywriter for hire on a site like Elance is a good option too, until you hone the skills yourself.

So when your brainstorming your next idea, business plan, campaign, or website just remember that text or reading is still king of the internet. Sure you want to experiment and be on the cutting edge with all the latest trends. Go for it. Just don't get lured away and distracted from the intent of your message. A message that starts with you and good copy.

If this has been helpful and you'd like to learn more Go Here for more marketing tips. James Broadfoot is an entrepreneur, writer, web publisher and online marketing specialist. Click Here to see what else he's up to.


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Internet Marketing Whats Stopping Your Success?
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