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Copywriting Tips - Creative Copy is Sometimes Better Than Good Copy

Steven Wagenheim

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I actually touched on this subject a bit back in January of this year but I want to go into it in a little more depth this time. I'm talking about creative salescopy. Recently, over at the Warrior Forum, a couple of people have drudged up some old classic creative copy (still a great read) that we all got a chuckle from. Even I read these pages again, even though I had read them so many times before. And if you think that these folks aren't making money from these pages, think again.

I really didn't look into these pages too much, as far as who was actually creating them, but after a little bit of detective work, I discovered that they were actually created by a very successful name on the Internet. This got me to thinking. Is this person trying to reach a different market with this copy? Certainly his straight copy (if you can call it that) converts well. Certainly well enough not to have to resort to spoof copy. So why is he doing this? Is he bored? My guess is that he is indeed trying to reach a segment of the market that doesn't respond to his “traditional" copy.

So what exactly does this mean to YOU as a copywriter? Well, it opens up a new dimension in writing salescopy. Maybe it's time that we begin to think of split testing, not just in terms of testing one headline or guarantee against another, but one whole style against another. In other words, write one sales letter that is straight and another that is a spoof and see which one does better. It may just turn out that the market you're trying to reach will respond better to the spoof copy.

There is no doubt that there is a market for creative salescopy. If there wasn't, these people wouldn't be doing it. And let's face it, people DO love to talk about this stuff. I can't even begin to tell you how many forums I go to where there is somebody who posts a link to one of these outrageous pages. So don't jump to conclusions and think that serious copy is the only way to go.

Creative copy sometimes IS better than good copy.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim

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Average Indian Person Just Gets A Copy Of Pirated Windows Instead Of A Free And .
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