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Copywriting - Postcards With Punch

Angela Booth

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Want to learn how to write postcards? Postcards are the poor relations of the direct response copywriting world. But done well, they can bring a tsunami of sales to any business.

The easiest way to learn how to write postcards is to write several for your copywriting services business and send them to your mailing list. (You do have a list, don't you? If you don't, start collecting contact details today. )

Before you start writing, realize that postcards have drawbacks, so they're not appropriate for every sales message. Only use a postcard when you have a discrete, time limited offer to send to clients with whom you already have a relationship - don't use a postcard to create a relationship with prospects.

One, Two, Three - How to Write a Postcard

Let's write your postcard in three easy steps.

1. What's the Offer?

Whether your postcard will succeed or fail depends solely on the offer. You want a great offer that forces your prospect to act - to pick up the phone and place an order, for example.

You must make every word count, but ensure that your offer is so wonderful that a prospect would be a fool to bypass it.

In addition to being a great deal, your offer should be time-limited.

For example:

* “Forty per cent off on our bestselling line of Blue Widgets, five days only";

* “Upgrade for free - three days only".

2. the Headline Isn't the Main Thing - It's Everything: Think Benefit

The headline must contain the offer, and it must be clear. Please don't try to write cute, or arouse curiosity. Cover the offer and the benefit as simply and clearly as you can.

3. the Body Copy - Explain Your Offer, and Why It's a Great Deal

The body copy only exists to explain the offer as briefly as possible. If your offer needs too many words, it's not suitable to send as a postcard.

So there you have it - three simple steps to write postcard copy with punch. Send out a postcard to your mailing list this week. You can then suggest postcards to your copywriting clients - they'll love the sales postcards generate.

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