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Copywriting Tips - Split Testing Your Sales Letter

Steven Wagenheim

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Okay, so you've got your great sales letter all written up and it's ready to be unleashed on the world. But is it really as good as it can be? Is it going to get the killer conversion that you're looking to get? How do you know? Is there a way to make it better without destroying what you have? Actually, there is. It's called split testing and it's critical in order to get the most out of every sales letter that you write. This article is going to briefly discuss how to go about split testing one sales letter against another.

A lot of beginning copywriters think that they have to write two completely different sales letters in order to find out which one is better. This is not true. Simply changing one or two things in a sales letter can make all the difference in the world. For example. You might start with just changing your headline and split testing one headline against another. Why is this so effective? The reason is because your headline accounts for about 80% of your sales. So by simply changing it, you can drastically change the conversion rate of your sales letter.

The key thing to understand is that when you do this, after you have received enough visitors to each version, you need to keep the letter that is performing better and discard the other one. After you do that, you then start the process all over again. How? You write up another headline and then split test that one against the headline that won the first split test. You keep on doing this until you are satisfied with your results. It may take as many as five or six split tests or more before you reach that point.

Other things you can test are your guarantee, price and even graphics. Maybe a longer guarantee, such as six months as compared to 90 days will convert better. Maybe a higher price might actually convert better than a lower price because prospects will perceive the product to be of more value. Maybe one set of graphics will convert better than another set because they just look more professional or fit the product better. The important thing to understand is when you test these things, you want to only test one thing at a time. Otherwise you have no idea what change made the difference.

Split testing is critical to getting the most out of your sales letter. Those who do it religiously are the ones who generate the most income in the long run. So don't leave split testing out of your copywriting arsenal.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim

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