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How to Value a Copywriter?

Richard Jebb

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As a copywriter myself, actively selling my services, I'm often asked to a) explain what a copywriter does, b) justify why someone should pay someone else to write for them - we all learned writing at school; right?

Save Time and Money

One approach would be that if you employ a copywriter it saves you the time you have to spend doing it. Assuming you cost your company more an hour than you would pay your copywriter an hour, then I guess that approach is OK, especially as a copywriter will probably get the job done in half the time it would take an unpractised writer to do it in. I think this approach misses the point though.

Experience and Talent

The approach I use is to explain that a copywriter, with experience and talent, will lift the quality of the client's promotional literature, adding value and improving its performance. For example, a sales letter written by a copywriter could achieve a 30% higher response rate than one written by an unpractised writer. I know mine have. When you consider that each new customer gained by that one sales letter is worth thousands or perhaps millions over their lifetime as a customer, you start to see how that 30% increase is worth a great deal more than the cost of having a copywriter write the sales letter. It's is worth every penny ten times over.

The same example can be used with direct mail copy, brochure copy and advertising copy.

SEO Copywriter

Additionally, you may want to consider the benefits of having an experienced SEO copywriter write your, website copy, news releases and blogs. The extra value here is slightly different. It is added by having someone who knows how to do two things. The first, write your copy in a way that is impactful to the human target audience, the second is having copy that is appealing to the web crawlers of search engines. If your copywriter does this correctly, then your company's web page and marketing literature has every chance of achieving a high search ranking and the increased click through rate that comes with it.

Richard Jebb is a Freelance Writer who specialises in writing for business. Marketing literature, Public Relations, Award Entry Submissions and Website Content are just some of the business tools he can make work for you. To contact Richard Jebb email him at


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