Copywriting - My Killer Copywriting Secrets Laid Bare

Fabian Tan

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Copywriting is one of the key skills you'll need to master online if you want to see any semblance of success. It is one of the key factors in determining whether you sell hundreds of copies of your product or just a few copies.

Here are some my ‘killer’ copywriting secrets that I use on a daily basis to create offers on the Internet:

1. Use A Swipe File!

A swipe file makes copywriting easier! Creating and using a swipe file doesn't mean blatantly copying other people's ads. Instead you want to take the good points in their ads and see how you can create a similar effect in your ad. You can create swipe files of almost any kind of ad copy - emails, article resource boxes and of course sales letters.

2. Use ‘Power Words'

Power words incite emotion. Remember, people buy because of emotion and justify it with logic. Using power words increases the ‘excitement quotient’ of your ad and gives it a greater response rate. It gets people excited about your offer.

3. Write A Story

Stories sell. It's the same online! People love a good story. If you have a rags to riches story you can tell, or you can tell a story of how you overcame a serious problem, then you have the foundation of writing out a compelling story in your sales letter or ad.

There you have, 3 copywriting strategies I use day in and day out to get more responses out of my ads. Go put them into action today and see if your conversion rates improve!

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Copywriting - Top Five Tips for Copywriting Success
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