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Professional Copywriting Tips

Saman Rashid

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Copywriting is the art of persuasion using the written word. From the beginning of the Internet era, new dimensions have been added to this profession. Previously, copywriting was limited to scanty print media reviews, or marketing write-ups made to be aired over television and radio or applied to print materials.

Today, Internet copywriting is a large and growing field. It has its own parameters that make it unique among the various forms of copywriting. It encompasses concepts like viral marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Keyword Density in disguise: terms that were unheard of, or at least redundant in pre-Internet copywriting. The copywriting art is finding its most effective use for increasing web traffic to any website, by tuning in to directory ranking criteria of search engines. Thus, today's copywriters are not just writing for an audience, but for the search engines as well. It is very important for any aspiring copywriter to be well versed in SEO concepts, and thus be able to aptly use copywriting as a tool for generating website traffic.

Today's Copywriting industry is unique in terms of its open nature. Orders can be placed from across the Atlantic to some dingy room in Asia. This truly global aspect of copywriting has placed a distinctive stress on the service providers, forcing them to keep costs low while being uncompromising on quality. This also means that they have to meticulously carve their credibility by continuously maintaining the quality of their products. Thus, the demand for professionalism is two-fold in copywriting, and work quality has to be constantly upgraded.

Quality enhancement can be brought about through specifically tailored courses- - if you can get your hands on them. Training courses for writers are regularly held in most major cities, and just a little bit of research using the local newspaper can get you the details. Courses are also abundant over the Internet, which is especially helpful for most homebound copywriters. Reading through real estate, business or even fashion magazines is very helpful, and in fact, can be essential. While going through these, be aware of style, tone, use of descriptive words, paragraph composition and lengths. Extensive reading can swell your charisma and style as a writer.

Communicating effectively for your clients is very important in any professional field, and copywriting is no different. Make sure you understand the work requirements and clear up any confusion about an assignment before you start working on it. An open line of communication between writer and client during the work is also vital, as it will allow you to prevent or solve any problems that may later arise.

You must always utilize professional, disciplined habits. Copywriting may be a part-time, home-based job for most, but that does not mean that it is any less professionally demanding. Work around problems and deliver products rather that excuses. Do not undertake tasks that you are not sure you will be able to deliver. Being adventurous has its merits, but you should understand that you can't afford to miss deadlines and sully your reputation.

Internet copywriting has much to do with outsourcing from buyers to freelancers. For any aspiring copywriter, it is almost certain that he/she will have to work as one at some stage. The peculiar thing about freelancing over the Internet is the lack of personal association between the two parties. This means all they know about each other is a user name, or a web profile. That is why it is absolutely imperative for the copywriter to associate trust and reliability with his/her name. Reliability is the most important asset a professional copywriter can have. This can take the form of employer reviews, goodwill, marketing connections and so on. If quality and professionalism are coupled with efficiency over time, your reputation will surely grow, and that is the single most important characteristic that will earn a copywriter a continuing flow of new projects.

Saman Rashid is an experienced writer. She has been writing articles and web copies since 3 years. To contact her, kindy visit


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