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Copywriting Success - 5 Decadent Steps to Successful Copywriting

Jan Verhoeff

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You've probably noticed the lack of eloquence in the written word over the past year or so. It seems the language isn't as decisive or clear as it once appeared to be. There's something missing. But we keep reading, looking for the missing components, and wondering what happened to the beautiful language we used to read.

1. Essential Headline Points

Chocolate is decadent, rich, and exquisite. It melts on the tongue, and we know that because it's brown, lavishly topped by a swirl, and the aroma is sweet. The headline of your article must equally display the contents. Use keywords that effectively describe what's inside your articles.

2. Quality Sub Headings

Would you eat a decadent rich Cappuccino Brownie all in one single bite? No. Of course not! You nibble at the edge, test the flavor, then just as that delicate wealth of flavor sinks into the proclivity you call your soul, you plunge the last of it inside and allow it to flow over your tongue. Quality Sub Headings should give your reader the same high-impact, power-charged experience.

3. Use of Impact Sources

Words, oh glorious words? Have you ever wondered how we communicated without words? Eloquence spoken, engendered, and tuned to the music of our hearts with a decadent beat. Words say what we want to say. Use them. Take honor in honing your language and increasing your vocabulary. Sing them out and give them the importance of EXISTANCE.

4. Dance of Eloquence

Purple prose can be bad. Or it can be good. Why waste time writing if you can't dance the language of eloquence? Give yourself room to share the beauty of what you're writing. Allow your soul to dance, and give your heart away in the process. The Dance of Eloquence in writing is sharing the language, information, and knowledge you've gained. Let the words flow!

5. Get to the Point

With all of that, you'd think the writer might have missed the point of the show? Perhaps, the writer lost a few logic and detail oriented folks, or not. But. . . There are those who appreciate the use of the language and can better comprehend the point if it comes along with a dance of eloquence. But there must be a point to your articles. Get there, before you sign off.

Are you ready for the final gleaning of information?

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Jan Verhoeff teaches the power of words and emotions. Learn more at and share the excitement of accomplished written words.


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Copywriting - My Killer Copywriting Secrets Laid Bare
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