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Choosing the right Search Engine Optimization (SEO) content writer can be a challenging task, because there are so many different styles and writers from which you can select. However, you don’t want to just select any SEO content writer, because you need to make sure that the job is done right. It is an art form which must be properly mastered before it can be effective. So how do you know if your prospective SEO content writer has mastered this skill? There are certain things that you can look for to make sure.

For one thing, you will want to be certain that you are happy with the SEO writing technique that the prospective writer uses, or that s/he is willing to implement your technique, if you have one of your own. There are almost as many SEO writing techniques out there as there are SEO writers, so it is important that you look into the exact style that will be used. While some writers have a specific keyword pattern that they use, others simply make certain that they sprinkle the keyword throughout the webpage, and yet others include sub-keywords as well.

Everybody has his or her own idea of what works best with the different search engines, and while none of these have necessarily been proven to be the best, you may wish to find out about the results that the SEO writer may have achieved in past projects. Some of the questions that you may wish to ask along those lines are as follows:

  • How long has the writer been writing SEO?

  • How long has the writer been using the specific SEO style that s/he feels works best?

  • Has s/he ever received the highest ranking for a keyword article written?

  • Has s/he ever received second to fourth place with keyword articles written?

  • Will the writer provide samples of keyword articles written in the past?

  • Is the writer able to work with strange sounding keywords that aren’t necessarily grammatically correct or spelled properly?

    Many web designers believe that for good SEO, the writer must have a background or experience in the precise field about which he or she will be writing. Surprisingly enough, in the majority of cases, this is not true. The reason for this is that keyword articles are generally not written for informational purposes as much as they are simply there for their keyword placement. Though SEO content may contain accurate and useful information, it is usually more general in its topics, allowing a non-expert to write about it. The focus of these articles is writing a general, accurate piece that uses the keyword properly. Anything too in depth will not allow an SEO writer to properly utilize the keyword in the correct pattern and the right number of times.

    Therefore, it is important that when you are hiring an SEO writer, you need to understand that any information included in the articles you’ll receive will not likely be anything too innovative, but will rather be information that can be easily gathered using a search engine, or information that you have provided the writer. Keyword article writing and standard article writing are two different art forms.

    The final factor that you should consider among SEO writers is price. When looking at the prices offered, make sure that you believe that the price you’re paying is fair, but don’t undervalue the product that you’ll be receiving. If you are expecting a superior product that will achieve the best results in search engines and web directories, then you will likely be paying a little bit more due to the experience and skills that are necessary to provide such results. Consider your SEO content an investment that will serve your website and your business well. It will give your site a good start at achieving high ranking on search engines, and will continue to provide traffic for your site into the future. Furthermore, if you find a good quality, dependable writer, then you’ll always have someone to use when more SEO content is needed. Considering how much it takes to find such a quality writer, that alone is well worth a few extra dollars.

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