Why Hiding Your Copywriting Projects Results In More Money In Your Pocket

Ben Settle

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One of the best ways to beef up the effectiveness and overall response of all your ads, sales letters and marketing promotions - no matter how big or small - is to actually not look at it.

Here's what I mean by that:

When you're done writing your ads, you will be doing yourself a HUGE favor if you put it somewhere you can't easily get to it for a few days.

If you write your ads on a computer, try saving it to a disc and printing it out, and then putting that disc and manuscript far away from you. Somewhere you can't really get to it without jumping through hoops.

Now why would I suggest this?

Simply because when you just finished your ad you are way to emotionally attached to it. You have to get away from it for at least a week (ideally a month or more) and look at it again through “fresh" eyes.

Doing so guarantees you will see things you missed - like misplaced details, facts that can't be backed up, sentences that make no sense, misspelled words, ideas that simply don't work, and a whole host of other elements too numerous to cover in an article like this.

Now, I'm the first to admit this is not easy.

If it's not a looming deadline breathing down your neck, it will be your own mind and emotions practically begging you to take it out and look it over “just one more time. "

Which is why you should try to find somewhere to put it you can't easily get to. If you're really serious about this, you can mail it to a relative who lives far away. That will insure you can't get to it until it's had time to “cool off. "

Whatever the case, it's always helpful to let an ad cool off. The longer the cool-off time the better. And if you have to go to extreme lengths to make it happen, it'll be well worth it.

Ben Settle is a direct response copywriter and author of “The Copywriter's Cheat Sheet" - which contains over 300 pages of advanced copywriting secrets and rare swipe file ads not easily found anywhere else. You can get a free copy of his book and read his latest copywriting ideas and tactics at http://bensettle.com


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Pamphlets and the Money They'll Put in Your Pocket
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