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Want to increase sales for your books, audio, or video programs? Looking for a vehicle to increase your direct marketing results? Guarantees may well be your answer. Offering a guarantee relieves apprehension on the part of potential purchasers. It lets them know that if they are dissatisfied, they have recourse. Interestingly enough, if you've created a sound product, very few people will take advantage of this.

There are many kinds of guarantees: all the way from seven days to a lifetime. Statistics show that the longer the guarantee, the less likely you are to have returns. Consumers somehow figure there is no urgency in returning the merchandise and keep putting it off. Ultimately they forget. Even though it may sound ludicrous, a lifetime guarantee is often more effective than a 30-day guarantee.

As well as guaranteeing the product itself, you may want to reassure purchases in other ways. For instance, guaranteeing delivery within 48 hours. Or in the case of audio tapes, guaranteeing the replacement of a defective tape.

We've found when running small classified ads asking directly for the sale, that guarantees are particularly important. In today's economy—where ads in major magazines go anywhere from $6 to $10 per word—you can't say a great deal and still be cost effective. But, by saying “satisfaction guaranteed" or “full money-back guarantee" you can reassure potential customers. When we write promotional literature for a full blown direct mail campaign, we always put the guarantee in a fancy box and add a personal signature. That focuses attention on this important aspect in the offer.

So when you are looking for another way to increase business, remember that guarantees alleviate buyer concerns. By advertising that you back your merchandise, you invite those who might be apprehensive to make a positive buying decision.

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Marilyn and Tom Ross are the coauthors of 13 books including the best-selling Complete Guide to Self-Publishing and the award-winning Jump Start Your Book Sales. Through phone consultations and ongoing coaching/mentoring, Marilyn empowers authors and self-publishers to realize their dreams. She can be reached at 719-395-8659 or

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