How Authors Can Endure The Promotional Process!

Nadia Brown

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Authors severely underestimate the challenge of promoting their books. The truth is - being an author is a lot easier than getting people to buy your paperback! More often than not, you have to convince an occupied public that the book you spent months, perhaps years writing, is actually worth spending $14.95 for - or whatever the price may be. This becomes more difficult for authors who don't have the means of getting their books marketed to the masses.

For an unknown author promoting is daunting, and the reality is - it perhaps more challenging than authors might imagine! This is not a scare tactic, but merely intended to prepare authors-to-be for the grueling promotional process.

There are three significant factors that will help writers endure this process:

  • Research ways to effective book marketing

  • Set aside a budget to support your promotional efforts

  • Have a realistic view of expectations

    All three should be considered in advance of an author’s book publishing.

    Research ways to effective book marketing:

    Most soon-to-be authors are unprepared, and have a naive view of how difficult it is to break into the book business. Before your manuscript is accepted for publication, authors should develop a marketing strategy. You may consider marketing that includes building a website, getting book reviews, starting a contest, on and offline advertisements, etc. These ideas should be thought through before an author’s book is in print.

    It will be more difficult for authors who don’t do their homework, and an understanding of how involved this process will be. More-than-likely an author may not be patient, and may be much quicker to give-up their dream they have of selling books. For this reason, writers who are thinking of publishing a manuscript should research methods to market their books. To do so, spend adequate time reading articles on book promotion either online or at a local library. This provides writers a general knowledge of the marketing strategy that is needed.

    A writer will discover marketing strategies that best work for them and their schedule. Ideas on marketing tips that were most useful can also be obtain from published authors. In the course of their research, a writer will also learn if promoting a book is something they want to pursue.

    Set aside a budget:

    It is equally important for writers to set aside a budget for their promotional endeavors. As there are only so many opportunities to market for free. Writers will have to endure some cost in order to generate publicity for their books. And even frugal marketing can add up over time. To remedy this, writers should set aside an affordable budget aimed at preproduction costs.

    Too often, writers take the view that a website will promote itself. In truth, a website won’t generate traffic if it’s not promoted. And some of that promotion requires paid advertisements. The cost of promotion can easily become overwhelming; therefore, it is important writers put money aside in advance to assist in the cost that will arise.

    Realistic view of expectations:

    There are numerous articles that provide marketing tips, but most of them also present an unrealistic view regarding author’s expectations. While most articles on book promotion are quite helpful, there suggestions only offer a way to generate publicity and not sales. It doesn't assure a bestselling book as some would imply. And it is quite possible for an author to adhere to an aggressive marketing strategy and still not see results.

    There is no “exclusive marketing plan” that will guarantee book sales. One just has to hope opportunities will arise after much planning, effort, resolve and patience have been spent. Authors have a better chance of actually enduring the promotional process if they are fully informed about the hard task of marketing a book.

    Knowing what lies ahead for an author will lead to better planning and preparation. And being prepared will lead to resolve and hopefully opportunities for sales. Authors who do not have a realistic view of what they are in for, are greater inclined to be unable to endure the difficulties that will certainly confront them in the long-run.

    Nadia Brown resides in Miami, Florida. Her poetry has appeared in numerous magazines and online publications throughout the web. She is the author of Unscrambled Eggs, her first full-length book collection. Learn more about her work at

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