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Book Press Release - Promote a Book on the Web


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It pays to be versatile.

Press releases can be used to promote almost anything - Whether you are looking to release a product, offer a service, or hold an event, you will find that a press release addresses a huge part of your promotional needs. For book promotion, the press release is particularly suitable.

If that's not great enough, press releases are simple to write and easy to distribute, with the added benefit of the service being made available for free in many cases. With all these advantages, it's not surprising that more and more people are turning to press releases to promote their books, especially as writers often do not have much of a marketing budget. Combined with the wide reach and speed of the internet, the press release can be highly effective in promoting your book.

The power of the press release

Book press releases often answer the basic questions of who, what, when, where, and how associated with your book. As a writer, you will be well able to find an interesting angle on the book that you have written. Remember, that your press release is not meant to be a hard sell of your book. It needs to provide an impartial, newsworthy and interesting account of aspects of your book so that the reader wants to learn more.

On another note, press releases may also use different perspectives although still centered around the same product, service, or event. For example, in promoting your book, you can write different press releases on different aspects of it. One may be about the book itself, detailing the gist of the plot plus information about how readers can get their copy, while another may be about the launch of the book. If there's a contest where a copy of the book may be won, then that calls for another press release. I'm sure that you can think of many more ideas.

Using this strategy, you will soon have as many press releases on your book as you have time to write and you should never run out of ideas. Have each press release posted in a different place with a link back to your web site or sales page and you will already be thinking like a professional book promoter. Even when you don't really have different things to promote, such as the example of the book and a book launch, you can still create different press releases by changing your content and picking out different ways of looking at your book. I favor posting unique press releases each time not published anywhere else because they make your promotional efforts more dynamic and avoid duplicate content which is the bane of search engines. Don't forget to assign the right tags and categories so that your press releases will be picked up by your targeted audience.

You can post your own unique book press release at Press Release Home. You can also talk about your book in a less structured way at Books Buyer.


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Promote Your Book - 8 Ways Tell Others About Your Book
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