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Writing a First Novel - Do You Aspire to Be the Next JK Rowling?


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There are many reasons that aspiring writers may be writing a first novel. Some want to express themselves. Others just want to see their work in print. Still others dream of making making money, even of making their living by writing.

Some want to make a fortune. Many would like to write best-sellers and become famous. Many want to emulate the success of J. K. Rowling (author of the Harry Potter series) and other notedly successful writers.

Whatever your reasons, to write your first novel and have it be a success, you must learn the writers’ craft. It's more than just ordinary wordsmithing, there is an art and a science to it. No writer is born with all the necessary skills and knowledge. They had to acquire these along the way. They had to educate themselves.

The writers’ craft requires more than a command of grammar and vocabulary. Stories delivered in written text deal with a “cold" medium.

In cinema, a “warm" medium, your audience sits passively and watches the story unfold in pictures. The director's skill is in telling his story through images and the spoken words and actions of his cast. He shows his audience what he wants them to see.

However, in the “cold" medium of written text in book form the pictures and envisioning must unfold in the minds and imaginations of the readers. The writer's words must convey these scenarios and images in forms that generate appealing, believable mental pictures in the minds of the readers.

Making that happen efficiently and effectively, developing the scenarios, characters and plot are learned skills that the aspiring author must master. The story-teller's vision, converted into words on paper must create similar visions in the minds’ eyes of the readers.

There is no single route to success. It's somewhat different for every author, for every genre. But there are still basic principles, basic know-how that can be approached systematically and organized. These principles can be taught and learned as building blocks, tools to be added to the writer's set of skills.

Fortunately, there are many good good training courses for the aspiring novelist, available on the Internet. There are both eBooks and audio training and lectures, prepared by successful writers. No need to “re-invent the wheel" there. You can learn from the experiences of those who have gone before you, and made it. . .

If you are thinking of writing a first novel, you should first learn basic novel writing, learn the steps for planning a novel and how to prepare an outline for writing a novel. Study the various creative writing tips and tips for writing a novel. Get the basics in place, know what you are doing. . .

Then, properly informed and advised, have a go at it! There is a tremendous market out there! All you have to do is get the novel that is inside of you, already in your mind, down on paper and into print. . .

For more information on writing a first novel and getting the education you need to succeed, follow the links below. . .

For the know-how you need and tips on writing a first novel, visit: Writing a First Novel
For great training courses for new and aspiring novelists, visit: Writing a Novel is Easy! - Planning a Novel
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