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Creating Info Products - Does Size Matter?

Edward Lomax

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If you're looking to make money online, selling info products is a great way to go. The cost to create, sell and distribute these info products are relatively small, so you have a huge profit margin. This means bigger profits for you!

But does size matter? How big does the info product have to be? I'm going to answer these important questions, and show you how you can get started selling your own info products quickly and profitably.

Here's a little background. . .

I started my online business by creating my own ebooks. I saw others making money selling these downloadable information products and wanted to get in on the profits. And I'm glad I did because I still make a lot of money from my first ebook.

But. . .

It took me about 3 months to write this 289 page ebook. It was my first ebook, and the going was slow. Plus, the size of the project was large. So, I spent 3 months of hard work, without the possibility of making a penny. Keep in mind, I didn't get paid a red cent for all the hours I spent writing. I was making an investment of my time and energy on the hopes I would make money in the future.

But here is what I failed to realize at the time. Creating the information product is only part of the equation. Promoting the ebook is when the work really begins (and where the profits are). So, just imagine, you could spend 4 months or more before you see your first penny from all your hard work.

So, this got me thinking. . .

Do I really need to create a huge 300 page ebook to sell, or could I do a smaller project and take the shortcut to profits? More importantly, do my customers really want a huge 300 page ebook in the first place? And when it comes to info products, I believe size is less important than quality. It is the quality of the info product that matters.

Now, , when I say the quality of the information product, I'm not necessarily talking about the layout, photos, cover graphics, etc. I'm talking about the VALUE to the reader. Give your customer EXACTLY what they want and make it easy for them to put into practice and start seeking RESULTS. After all, that is what your customer really wants. . . RESULTS!

So, when I decided to dedicate myself to teaching others how to make an income online, I started to focus on small reports. Since the report is small, it focuses on a SPECIFIC topic for a specific market. There is no fluff and filler, and it gets to the point fast. And the customer can get through it fast and start putting the ideas into practice very quickly.

And here's the best part. . .

Instead of spending 3-4 months creating the info product to sell, a valuable, high-quality small report can be done in a week (or less). This means you don't have to spend months on the hopes of making money in the distant future. You can literally see a profit in weeks!

So, if you're thinking about selling info products online, think small, high-quality small reports instead of huge ebooks. The project is less overwhelming and the profits come a lot faster.

What small report will you write and profit from first?

Edward Lomax sells his Internet Marketing small reports on SmallReportsBullsEye . If you're interested in creating a profitable small reports business, take his Free eCourse, "How To Create An Information Empire Without Ever Writing More Than 7-15 Pages At A Time" .


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