Writing Your Book Fast, 7 Simple Secrets

Bob Burnham

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Most people assume that it will take years to complete a book. Of course, assuming this is true, it means that the majority of aspiring authors just don’t have the time or motivation to complete a book.

However it doesn’t have to take years. In fact, it shouldn’t. You should be able to write a book in less than two months.

Here are 7 Secrets for writing your book in record time:

1. Establish a writing plan.
Your writing plan is an organized structure for your book. How long is it going to be? What are the titles for the chapters? What points do you want to discuss in each chapter and if you’re writing fiction, then what is the plot. If you don’t have a well defined plan for your book, it is significantly more difficult to see it through and to get it done fast. I discuss exactly how to craft an effective writing plan in my book, ‘101 Reasons You Must Write A Book’ How To Make A 6 Figure Income Writing & Publishing Your Own Book

2. Save research for the end.
One of the most time consuming aspects of many books is the research. Authors spend days, months, and even years compiling their research before they sit down to actually write. Don’t do this! Save your research until the end. As you write, make notes on where you need specific facts or information. Finish your manuscript first. Then conduct the necessary research. This eliminates any time wasted researching material that you don’t need for your book.

3. Don’t edit as you write.
Hours of time each day can be saved if you don’t self edit as you write. Save the editing for the second draft. Your first priority is to complete your book’s first draft in as little time as possible. Don’t correct your spelling, don’t correct your grammar, and don’t even correct incomplete or inaccurate thoughts or statements. This can all wait for the second draft.

4. Set aside time every day to write.
This is important, even if you can only set aside ten minutes a day to write, you must write every day. The consistent progress and commitment to completing your book will have your book done in no time.

5. Don’t try to make it perfect.
Quite often, authors let themselves get stuck in the quest for literary perfection. It doesn’t exist so don’t let yourself fall into the trap. If you do, you’ll simply lose time trying to find that perfect word or perfect description.

6. Plan your attack.
You know how long your book is going to be and you’ve established a book plan so how quickly do you want your book to be completed? If you’re planning on a 200 page book and you can commit to 10 pages a day then you’ll be done in 20 days. Of course you have to stick to your plan to make it happen!

7. Write when you are most productive.
Not a morning person? Then don’t decide to write in the morning. Makes sense but you’d be surprised how often people will try to get up early to write. It is very important to write during your most productive time of the day but also the time of the day when you’re most likely to follow through on your plan.

Writing and publishing your own book will create miracles in your life and it is a lot easier than most people realize.

Bob Burnham
Entrepreneur, Consultant and Author of ‘101 Reasons Why You Must Write A Book’

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