How to Self-Syndicate Articles to Create a Buzz for Your Books

Dorothy Thompson

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With the release of one of my latest books, I searched for ways to promote just like the rest of you did. I maintained a sharp website with links to where readers can buy my book, obtained almost fifty endorsements before the book was even released, sought out publications who would review my book or give me an interview and even hob-nobbed with authors whose books are similar to mine to exchange book ads for free. While these are excellent promotional tactics to take, there’s another marketing strategy that will not only sell your books, but will turn you into an instant expert.

It’s called self-syndication.

What is self-syndication and how does it work to sell my books?

Self-syndication is simply writing articles in your field of expertise and sending them out to online magazines and content ezines yourself.

I discovered this promotional tactic by following the path of those authors who write in the same genre as I did which was at that time romance. In my research, I found that relationship websites are booming and the editors need columnists or even articles related to finding the one you love and keeping them. This can work for other genres, as well!

Even though the majority of these online venues do not pay, this is not your goal for doing it. You want to put your book or website up at every available place there is without having to pay to do so. You might not be getting richer with your articles, but the sales from someone reading your article and clicking on your website link, will boost sales incredibly. Instead of paying to place your book (or website) on sites, this is free and free is good!

In my case, since one of my last books dealt with romance and relationships, I wrote articles pertaining to my subject. Next, I put the words “online relationship magazines" in a search engine and found an incredible wealth of information. One of the best sites to find what you are looking for is Put whatever kind of publication you are looking for in their search and you have conquered the first step.

Once you find a publication that publishes the kind of content you can provide, look for a link on their site that tells you how to submit. Can’t find it? Look for the link that says, “contact us. " I found that I had to use the latter link in many of my inquiries.

What to say?

My pitch is short and sweet. I used to send lots more information, but that’s not needed. If they reply back, they will ask for more information. I will use my pitch letter below to show you how I did it:

Dear Editor (try to find their name as this will give you incredible brownie points),

I write a “soul mate" relationship column that is distributed on the web called “Romancing the Soul" and I was wondering how to go about submitting a column idea (or article) to you for your ezine, “Name of Ezine. "

I am also the compiler/editor (or author, in your case) of “Romancing the Soul—True Soul Mate Stories from around the World and Beyond" which was just released this month. (I give this little tidbit of information so that the editor can see I’m a published author. )

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Dorothy Thompson (I give my url for the simple reason that the editor might click on it to see what I’ve written. )

See? Short and sweet.

I don’t know if this strategy will work for you, but it’s worked for me. I am syndicating my column to over twenty romance websites with that one simple pitch letter. I’ve even been asked to be a featured columnist on some of them. Not only will my article appear, but my photo and book information will go up, too.

The benefits?

The benefits to writing and syndicating your articles can only spell success for you and your book. In order to sell your book, you have to sell yourself, too, and what better way for people to get to know how you write than by reading your columns at these various websites.

The main point I’m stressing is that you are also creating yourself as an “expert" in your field. The media (print, radio and television) is on the constant lookout for experts to appear on their shows or in their magazines and you could be the one they seek!

It’s a win-win situation. Once you establish yourself as an expert, the media will be at your feet. After all, they need well-informed guests to fill their slots and your experience is just might be what they’re looking for.

Start creating articles related to your book or any subject that you are well-informed about. The bio at the end of each article will send potential buyers to your website to buy your books (or services) and by doing this, you’ll also be creating a buzz about your books. All it takes is a little time to get your list of websites looking for content and you’re on your way to becoming not only a syndicated columnist, but as a vehicle to sell your books, too!

© Dorothy Thompson

Dorothy Thompson is a self-syndicated columnist and editor/founder of The Writer’s Life, one of Writer’s Digest Magazine’s Top 101 Websites for Writers. She is also the author of the eBook “A Complete Guide to Promoting & Selling Your Self-Published eBook" and other self-published eBooks, as well as the editor/contributing author of the soul mate anthology, “Romancing the Soul. " You can visit her writing ezine at or her personal site at .


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