Secrets of Frequently Published Authors

Janet Litherland

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Successful authors know that publishing is a business. They produce products that consumers want, and they approach publishers in a business-like manner. They always offer the best product they can possibly write, but they also are open to suggestions from editors and publishers and do their best to comply. Why? Because editors and publishers know what sells, and selling is the bottom line for publishers.

Frequently published authors know that to hook an editor they must hook the reader. A subject that hooks the writer and causes him or her to write with excitement and enthusiasm will undoubtedly hook the reader and, therefore, the editor. Successful authors choose subjects with a “hook" in mind.

Successful authors learn from their own experiences. Rejection does not depress them; it energizes them to try new markets.

Great writers are voracious readers! They devour books, not only the type of books they write, but all types of books and reading material. They aren’t worried that reading someone else’s work will “spoil" their own. They never say they don’t have time to read—they make time. They are interested in what other successful writers are writing. They want to know what’s “out there"—selling—because, after all, they know that publishing is a business.

Janet Litherland is the author of the novels, Chain of Deception and Discovery In Time, as well as 10 nonfiction books, several collections of music/drama-related scripts, and numerous articles and stories for national publications. As former associate editor of Florida Hotel & Motel Journal, she contributed 78 feature articles to that magazine. She also has taught college extension courses in creative writing and has served as a seminar leader for writers’ conferences. For more information, please visit .


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