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A Look at the Different Article Marketing Strategies


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It is relatively easy to find information online about article marketing. There is an abundance of blogs, forum threads and articles on the subject. One topic that hasn't been covered much though is the actual strategies that article marketers use. You might wonder what possible strategies there can be in writing and publishing articles but there are in fact three distinct ones that are commonly used.

The first strategy that many article marketers use is also known as the bum marketing method. Basically the way this works is you do in depth research to find high traffic niche keywords that are of low competition in the search engines. Then you write the article and submit it to only one article directory with a high pagerank like EzineArticles so it will show up on the first page of Google for those keywords quickly. This works well for those who have mastered both how do do good keyword research and also write articles around those keywords effectively. Articles written using this strategy often rank well and get a lot of search engine traffic. This method does sometimes have problems though. Search engines frequently change their ranking algorithms and articles can lose their first page placement. In addition even the best keywords eventually get competition from others that publish content around the same words.

Another strategy used by article marketers is to focus on producing very high quality informative articles. The idea behind this is the best articles will get reprinted by many online ezines and newsletters. Articles using this method tend to be longer than average and contain many useful insights and helpful information for readers. This strategy can certainly work well but like the bum marketing method there are no guarantees. Also the search engine traffic to those articles tends to be less than those using keyword research.

The third and final strategy is to simply write large numbers of articles. Publishers using this strategy don't bother with keyword research or writing for other publications standards. Those articles tend to be mediocre in quality and shorter in length but they do receive some traffic by search engines as well as an occasional reprint in an ezine. The cumulative effect of a large number of articles in print can make this method successful. There are a few problems doing this. First of all in order to get significant traffic you need to build a large inventory of published work. Secondly to keep the traffic flowing new articles must constantly be written and published.

Those are the main three strategies used by article marketers. Is it possible to fall in between the strategies above? The answer to that question is yes. It would be difficult and a lot more work but entirely possible to write articles that are appealing to both search engines and ezine publishers. As far as which one is the best to use it is impossible to say. As already covered they all have their pros and cons. It really depends on what kind of writer you are which you must decide for yourself.

Aaron Ballantyne has been an internet marketer since 2006. He recommends The Ultimate Bum Marketing Guide for those who want to learn more about article marketing.


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