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Resource Box Tips - Does Your Resource Box Turn Readers Into Prospects? (Prospects = Money)


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There are 3 essential parts to great articles, the title, a quality article body and YOUR RESOURCE BOX. A well written resource box is your ticket to prospects. It only part of an article that you can “sell" in.

Turning your readers into prospects is a process. In that process there are a few things you should never do in your resource box. They are. . .

. . Never to make the resource box about you! (People want to know what is in “it" for them, that is the primary reason they are reading the article in the first place)

. . Never try to “make a sale" or sound “sales pitchy" in your resource box. You, as an article marketer are trying to gain the trust of your audience, do you think that trying to sell to hem is a wise idea?

Let's concentrate on what you should always do. Here are the top 4 things. . .

1. You should always focus on your reader (What do you think they would want to get? Then give it to them, free information is always helpful. Perhaps via a PDF file? That works well.

2. You should always make a smooth transition from article to resource box. Try to make your article blend in with your resource box. “Stopping" the reader to tell them about something that is not related to the article, is not a good choice.

3. You should always tell them what to do (in a polite way) get that click. Always ask for the click, lead your reader right to your websites.

4. You should always put a link to your website or squeeze page. If you have no link, you will have no visitors. Yes, people actually have no links to there websites.

Please remember, turning readers into prospects is a process. If you always do those four things you should be able to craft an effective reader to prospect resource box.

Check out the example below, it had the elements we just discussed. . .

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From Francis R Murray - An Internet Marketer - Making a living online since 2006


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To Turn More Prospects Into Paying Clients, You Must Give Them Options
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