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Unveiling Article Marketing Strategies Used by Experts

Deb Allen

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Article marketing is a low-cost way to promote yourself, your website, your products and your services. Although you will not have to pay a lot of out-of-pocket expenses there may be a substantial time investment needed. Of course this will depend on your level of expertise and how often you write. Article writing is one of those things that you get better and quicker at the more you do it.

Whether you are investing time or money, or both you want to get the most from your efforts. Fortunately there are easy ways to do that. Some article marketing strategies are so simple that many choose to ignore them. This is a mistake because an article that receives little or no views will get even fewer click-throughs.

Insure that your article works for you by following these quick steps:

  1. Read similar articles that are doing well
  2. Do search engine searches related to the topic
  3. Use a note-taking system to track the main points
  4. Put it all together
  5. Include quality content
  6. Be specific when you can
  7. Keep article in easy to read and logical format

You will of course have a topic in mind before you begin the above steps. With that in mind you can simply go to one or more of the major article directories and read at least a few articles written on the topic. This will give you ideas about what to include and how to format your article.

You are always free to use ideas from the work of others but you cannot copy any of the actual words. Ideas cannot be copyrighted so you are free to gather ideas from multiple sources.

Do a search on Google, Yahoo, or other search engine for your topic. Visit websites and read even more about the topic. By using various sources your article will be more comprehensive. Remember, you want your article to stand out from the crowd.

Take notes in whatever format pleases you. I suggest that you use mind-mapping because it does not restrict the free-flow of your thought process when you review it. Complete sentences or outlines are probably the worst way to format your notes.

Next you will put it all together by compiling what you already knew with the notes you have on innovative or new ideas. Be sure to keep the content flowing in a logical manner and write in a way to maintain the interest of the reader.

Readers want quality content when they read. Do not fill an article with fluff. You will damage your reputation as well as waste your writing efforts.

When you are giving instructions or advice always be as specific as possible. It is okay to keep the most valued information in your ebooks or on your website but do not try to publish fluff. Keep sentences and paragraphs short and to the point.

The article is for the reader and the resource box is for you.  Cleverly keep the flow of the article going so that people will read the information and click through to your site.

By providing useful content in an easy to read format your article will be successful. You will gain targeted traffic that will result in increased sales. Additionally, you will be building your own credibility.

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3 Strategies For Article Marketing Success
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