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Article Marketing Strategy - A Few Perfect Articles Or Lots of Good Quality Articles?

Hendry Lee

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Article marketing is a numbers game. However, article quality is also very important because the articles represent yourself or your business to the world. If you must choose between a few perfect articles or lots of good quality articles, which one should you choose?

There are only 24 hours a day and only one third of time are allocated for work, on average. That leaves to one or two hours most to write every day. For that reason, we must choose between one of the options above.

If you answer lots of good quality articles, you are correct. You must balance between quality and quantity, both are equally important for article marketing.

The quality of articles only partially impact the number of readers. If your article is of high quality, at times some web or ezine publishers may find it and republish it, giving you more exposure but most of the time you will do much better if you even out the views in a great volume of good quality articles.

Great articles spread fast, but to find that people have to sift and sort through an enormous number of articles. They simply don't have time to do it.

Moreover, there can't be much different in quality if you only write 300-600 words in one article. That is the recommended length of one article for syndication. Again, you need to be concise because the readers are busy and when they want to get information, they want to get it fast.

Don't sabotage yourself and insist on perfect articles. Those simply don't exist. Excellence comes from lots of distributed articles that bring you qualified traffic, not from overly optimized articles that bring you trickling traffic.

Do you want to learn the secrets about article writing and marketing? If I can drive more than 12,688 unique visitors to my site each month, you can do it too if you know the secrets.

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Article Marketing - My Top 7 Tips for Writing Great Quality Articles Fast
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