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Article Writing Tips - Give Up Perfection, and How to Avoid it Forever

Hendry Lee

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Self-sabotage is one dangerous trait that keeps people from reaching the success they always wanted. Unfortunately, it also appears in article marketers. It prevents them to get the articles done. Even if they do, they usually stop after the first one or two articles.

Another form of self-sabotage is perfection. Marketers often mistakenly think they should make their articles perfect before they get them out to the public.

The problem is, there is no such thing as a perfect article. There are always rooms for improvements. People who are aiming for perfection never get things done. They are constantly tweaking and not doing.

Article marketing is about getting your articles and messages out in front of the readers regularly. In pursuit of perfection, there can't be a way for them to keep doing it because the can't even finish the first article.

Some people think that with a perfect article, they would make a home run. They don't need a lot of articles, but perhaps with only one or two articles. Nothing is further from the truth. That is not how the game is played.

If you can at least partially relate to the condition above, you should really ponder it. You can get good articles read by your qualified prospects, or you get one article that people will never have the chance to see.

The choice is yours. I'm sure that if you will take the first choice. Being able to reach your readers with useful articles is important to get the momentum going. After all, I'm sure we rarely see a perfect product that can't be improved in some ways. A luxury car may be perfect for now but it become obsolete one or two years later. It needs to be “perfected" again.

Go write the article, get the ball rolling. When you've written one article, submit it. Repeat it again and be consistent. That's how you can be come “perfect" in getting results. Fixing what breaks along the way and make better is really the key to perfection.

Remember, your readers are also human. They understand if you make mistakes once in a while.

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