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Article Marketing - Where I Once Wrote One Article, I Now Write Five - You Can Do It Too

Dan Iverson

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I have to say, that for me, learning the concept of article sets has greatly increased not only the number of articles that I publish, but it has also freed me to write more on one topic therefore letting me utilize my focus for more productive results. Instead of writing one article after I get focused, I can write 2 or 3 or more getting more out of the effort.

It may seem obvious after what I just wrote, but I am still going to explain what article sets are. Article sets are when you write a set of articles all at once. This can be where you split a longer article into multiple articles. Or this can be where you write on one topic from several different vantage points, or you may write about one topic, and the only thing you change is the format that you write in.

Let me give a quick example of each. For me, when I get really into the different aspects or give a lot of context to my topics, it is easy for my articles to get very long. I use to just publish these this way, even though I know that they were longer than the average attention span of most article readers.

Now, I can cut that article up into two or three parts, and call them part 1, part 2 and part 3 and each one gets indexed separately by the search engines and all are more likely to get read, even if not at the same time.

When I talk about writing from different vantage points, what I mean is that I may give a little depth on one part of a topic, and just mention how it fits into other parts. Then I will write another article, and will focus on giving more information on one of the points I just mentioned, and then just make a brief mention of the topic I went into depth on in the previous article.

The last method that I mentioned above is writing about the same thing in different formats. I have not really done this yet, but how it was explained to me was that I might write about 7 ways to do something and put the 7 things in built points. Then write an article about the exact same thing, but this time write as if I were explaining it in a conversation to a student.

Using any of these methods, you can quickly produce several articles when before, I would have been lucky to finish one in the same amount of time.

Dan Iverson can show you how to make your first step a big step when starting your home based business. Having closely documented and written about all that he has learned and because he tracked what actually worked, he can show you how you can start where it took him two years to get to. Let Dan show you how to make your first steps as productive and effective as possible. Come sign up for his ezine at or sign up at his website at Dan Iverson, Financial Certainty, Inc. 678.851.8284 Read all my ezine articles at


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Article Marketing Tips - Should I Submit One Article to Multiple Article ..
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