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Article Marketing - It Can Be Like a Snowball Gaining Size and Momentum With Every Article You Write

Dan Iverson

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One might ask the question, what is more important genius or quantity? If you think genius, than you are probably still focused on the wrong thing, your ego. In article marketing, ego kills. The facts are that 86% of people, who publish articles at ezine articles, never publish 10 or more articles. Why, because they did not see the results they expected after 3 or 6 or even 8 articles.

I can only tell you from my own experience that when I built my first website, I was told that I had to write 30 articles to start with. I think I got to 26 or 27, and then I took a very long break from writing. I was happy with my results, but felt like the effort was significant. Not something I could do every day.

For the year after writing those 27 articles, I probably submitted about 10 articles. This is not a significant effort. Let me also say that I had not seen the results I had hoped to have seen up to this point either. You keep hearing it over and over again though, *You have to publish articles. *

Finally I read an article in the, *Internet Marketing Dirt, *by Matt Bacak, that said that you should be able to write an article in 10 minutes. No, really, he said that you should be able to write 6 to 10 articles in an hour. So, I decided to write 5 in a row as fast as I could. The first two, took well over an hour each, but the next three, were all written in less than an hour each.

I now have over 30 more articles written and published, 10 of which, I did in two days, and I have the confidence that I can write an article in 30 minutes. Let me preface that with, I have to be writing article sets and I have to be writing about something I have had at least one hour audio training on.

Now that I am shooting for 50 articles, what do I have to offer from my experience so far? Well, as my confidence in my own writing grows, I now know I have one thing that I can do anytime and my effort will build on my previous effort which is going to grow exponentially (meaning it will continue to produce targeted traffic exponentially). And, I have confidence that I could write about more topics, and even create products of my own.

For example, right now you can go sign up for my ezine, soon you will have a 10 page pdf on article marketing that I will have written myself as an incentive to sign up for my ezine. Like I said the work just keeps building momentum.

Dan Iverson can show you how to make your first step a big step when starting your home based business. Having closely documented and written about all that he has learned and because he tracked what actually worked, he can show you how you can start where it took him two years to get to. Let Dan show you how to make your first steps as productive and effective as possible. Come sign up for his ezine at or sign up at his website at Dan Iverson, Financial Certainty, Inc. 678.851.8284 Read all my ezine articles at


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Article Marketing Tips - Should I Submit One Article to Multiple Article ..
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