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Marketing Using Article Directories - A Powerful Free Promotion Tactic!

Mark Garland

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Article directories are an important method for distributing your articles to your potential customers. Their popularity has been on a constant increase since their release and they will continue to be popular for years to come. Why is this? Because information is one of the most sought out things on the internet, and article directories provide a place to learn information on literally almost any subject imaginable. If you can't find an article on what you are searching for, you may have found a niche market that you yourself can target!

Typically, article directories house free articles that have been submitted by the copyright holder. The author's information is placed either underneath or above it so the reader knows who wrote it; it is a good idea to include a link back to your main website in your details so that interested readers will be able to locate your website and possibly more of your work.

Submitting to article directories is an effective way of building leads for any product you are selling. Why is this? Because content relevant to the product they are interested in acts as an interest builder to help build potential sales for your business. Some articles can be so effective that the reader wants to purchase a similar product that the article talks about immediately following their read, so a definite tip is to include a direct link to a product or service that you promote at the end of your article, but make sure you follow the rules of the specific article directory when doing so, some allow multiple links, some only a single link, and some have very strict regulations as to the nature of the link itself.

Submitting to article directories is an excellent way to establish yourself as an expert on the subject, and with constant articles of high quality, even an expert in the industry. This provides your readers with a sense of safety and quality when viewing products and/or services you have recommended, and also builds credibility for your website.

To get the credibility point across, think of the following example. Let's just say that you are experienced in some field (This could really be any field that you want to write about as long as you have done your research). Now, a potential customer of yours searches for something specific in the field you have written about. They search for a subject, if their search matches your articles subject or keywords then they will find your article and then read it. They will then see that you have the knowledge that they are seeking and will then follow your website link. Then it is all up to your website's layout, customer focus, content, and many other factors not relating to your article itself. The main point here is that you have received your potential client that is highly interested in the field that you offer your products or services in which can easily lead to ongoing customer sales!

Also, to help gain credibility, you should post the articles you have created on your website. This allows your readers to be able to easily locate other articles you have written along with providing a place for them to become active visitors to your website. For example: You can read other articles I have created by viewing them on my website.

Now, if you don't have a website of your own article directories can still provide you with the ability to make money. How is this? Through recommending others products which you receive a commission for when a sale is made. However, instead of directing your visitor to your affiliate's website in this case, many article directories ask you to link to a website that you yourself own that is a top-level domain name and not your affiliate link itself. You will want to read the specific site specifications as to what is allowed when promoting affiliate products through your articles at the directory you are submitting to. You are usually able to provide a link to a page of your website that then has affiliate links on that page however, and is how many people promote their affiliate programs. Some don't allow affiliate pages to be referred to directly, but some still do!

Also, since you have submitted your article, others in the same field as you who offer similar products will use it to promote their products, but your tagline with your author information and website link will still be attached to the articles they use and thus, will generate you ongoing traffic to your website through the traffic they generate through their website! Just imagine how much traffic even one article of yours can potentially generate through this power.

So ultimately, an effective way to generate profits for either your own products, or other products that you gain affiliate commissions from is to post articles to article directories and then simply reap the rewards that your work will bring you!

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Article Marketing What NOT to Do When You Submit to Article Directories
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