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Should You Submit to a Broad Article Directory or Niche Article Directory?


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Okay, straight up I won't bore you with details on article marketing. I'll get to the point because you probably already know that submitting articles gives you traffic, back links, exposure, and improves your image in your target market's eye. The trouble is optimizing your article marketing so that you get the results you want for the effort and costs you put in.

No one wants to spend an hour writing an article, or paying a freelance writer to produce an article, and have the article not be useful in improving their site's search engine results or traffic coming directly from the links. We all want to know that our efforts are worthwhile. With a few simple tips that I'm going to share with you below which look at the type of article directories you submit to, you can get more results for your effort so that you can do other important things to grow your online business.

What I feel is most importantly, what is the actual article directory you are submitting to about? Is it a broad article directory, like EzineArticles, or a niche directory that covers a specific topic?

From my experience based on the results I have gained, it is only worth submitting to the top 5-10 broad article directories. Such directories include EzineArticles, GoArticles, ArticleDashboard, Buzzle, and ArticleGold. Without a doubt the best directory for me has been EzineArticles. I receive 10x more traffic from that site than I do from any other article directory.

The reason for this is that most authors and publishers are aware of these sites. This is where the general community “hangs out. " Yes, people submit and publish articles from other broad article directories, but the thousands of directories which are out there mean it's like firing a shot gun at a target one mile away. Go where your market is - where the big boys are, which leads me onto my next tip.

A second part of this first tip is submitting to niche directories. If your website is in the personal development niche, submit to a personal development directory. If your website is on communication skills, submit to a communication skills articles directory . It may take some time finding your niche article directories, but once you have found them, they can be a gold mine for targeted traffic and networking with similar authors.

People don't realize that being able to go on a niche article directory and network, partner, and joint venture with those in a similar market to you is a hidden benefit. However, by far the greatest benefit is the targeted traffic and targeted links you receive. Having your links in relevant articles that you have submitted, and having them on a site that is related to your site's theme, will boost the effectiveness of your article marketing campaign. This is the secret of getting the most out of your article marketing efforts and costs.

Submit to general article directories as many authors are looking to publish your content. However, don't stop there. Instead of wasting your time submitting to the hundreds of other little broad article directories that won't bring you in traffic or won't give you link value, submit to niche directories. I've already given you a basic list of general article directories that you should submit to, now it's up to you to find your niche article directories. You can thank me once you begin experiencing more traffic, subscribers, and sales by following this advice.

Joshua Uebergang is owner of My Communication Articles , a communication, personal development, and relationship articles directory. Submit your articles to his site right now and begin receiving the benefits of submitting to a niche article directory!


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Five Things To Look For In An Article Directory
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