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7 Techniques Guaranteed to Increase URL clicks


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We write articles to benefit our readers. The resource box is designed to benefit the writer. Everyone wants to be compensated for the work that they've done, even writers. The resource box is the writer's only possible payment for the work that you've put into the article. That's why it is important to place a well-crafted resource box that sells your website, service, or product. Using the seven techniques described below can increase your URL clicks and improve your chances for receiving fair compensation for your work.

1. Make sure you ask the reader to take action. The first rule in sales is, “Ask for the order. ” Merely stating your name and website is not effective. Instead of: “Author’s name has operated website xyz on a full time basis for three years. ” Be more assertive, use the term visit, go to, or click on. The example above would get a higher response rate using “Visit website xyz…”

2. Provide an offer for free information. Offers that provide immediate gratification such as a downloadable product work the best. Make sure that the freebie you provide does a good job of selling the reader on the item that you are promoting.

3. Describe your free offer in detail using a sentence or two. Make sure you tell the reader how this item can benefit them. Stress how the download (or your website) will benefit the reader and how it can solve their problems. This can be particularly effective if the article discusses the problem your link (or website) solves.

4. Give your free download a name that implies that it has value. “Free report on …” is better than “sales brochure”; “free information on…” is better than “sales information”.

5. Do not try to be cute or clever, use a direct offer that stresses the benefits.

6. Track your results. Keep records on how many responses you get from each resource box. Refine your best responding offers to fine tune and maximize your response rates.

7. Mention the features, stress the benefits. A feature is a physical description of the product or service; a benefit describes the advantages in using that product. Sell the benefits; paint a picture for your reader. Make an emotional appeal so the viewers can actually see themselves using your product. Features interest the reader, benefits sell the product.

By using the seven techniques described above, you can be assured that you will maximize your opportunities for some sort compensation for your articles.

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