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Article Marketing and Article Writing - How to Use Keywords to Draw Traffic to Your Articles

Lessie Harvey

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"What's a keyword and why is it so important?" I asked after hearing that my article title needed more keywords.

"Keywords are words that interest and attract readers. They are also the words search engine spiders look for when you google, " came the reply. “The more keywords you have that appeal to your prospective readers, the greater the probability that they will read your article. "

That ended my first lesson on keywords. Needless to say, I was confused. My mind didn't quite comprehend what search engine spiders and appealing words had to do with my article.

Later I learned that keywords categorize articles and summarize article content. To give you an example of keywords, here are some that I used for this article: article writing - gives the category for this article, keywords - tell what this article is about, and articles - focuses on my subject. When search engine spiders read my keywords, they will give a report based on the actual keywords they find within my article.

Like humans, search engine spiders read from left to right and from top to bottom. Since I want my articles to appeal to spiders and prospective readers, I give them what they like.

To catch search engine spiders, I rely on my childhood crabbing skills. I figured that if I could catch crabs, I could certainly catch spiders. If spiders like keywords, then my goal is to give them a mouthful.

Since my title is checked first, I make sure that the first three or four words are keywords. If possible, I also try to end my title with keywords. As an added treat, I strategically place keywords throughout the body of my article. More in the beginning, some in the middle and a few at the end. I want the spiders to be loaded with keywords when they report my article.

To ensure that I get a really good keyword report for my article, I also include keywords in my resource box.

If you're interested in feeding spiders, use as many keywords as possible in your title and article body. To help you prepare for feeding your search engine spiders, you can also use a step-by-step article writing template so you can learn to strategically place keywords in your articles.

To receive step-by-step instructions for writing your first keyword-laden article, go to

You may also get two more free article writing templates at

I invite you to learn more about article writing, submission, and marketing every week for free. Go to for more information


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Writing Articles – How to Write Articles for Article Marketing
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