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Article Directory - 3 Things You Must Do Before Submitting Your Article to an Article Directory

Daryl Campbell

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In April of this year Mike Bradbury an SEO Analyst for Objectware, Inc summed up nicely the benefits of article marketing

"1. ) Get your name out there as an expert
2. ) Get traffic from links within your article
3. ) Increase your search engine link popularity
In all three cases, the more highly distributed your article, the higher the likelihood of your articles achieving each goal. "

And a major part of achieving that goal is preparing your articles the right way before you submit them to an article directory.

1. The Why

Many writers get mixed up on why they are writing the article. Yes they want internet traffic and the ability to generate targeted business leads but that is not why they are writing the article. The number one reason is to provide your readers with useful valuable information. That is also what article publishers want. If you can provide quality content, publishers will reward you by introducing your articles to their audience. New eyes equal more potential site traffic to your web pages. People come online for information. They also want to know how your content will be useful to them.

2. The Targeted Advertising Potential

I do not mean that your article reads like one long sales letter. That is a recipe for failure with readers and it probably won't even get that far since in all likelihood most article publishers will be sending you a rejection email. What we are talking about is putting together a solid 3 to 5 sentence resource box with your web site link that gets you the clicks.

Your resource box should continue the theme you established in your article which is how will this information benefit the reader? Pose a question and then tell a person why clicking on your web site link is their best option or list of series of benefits. The point is to entice your readers with just enough information to compel them to learn more. Include your name and a very brief description of yourself. Also test your web site link to make sure it is working and pointing to the desired page. Use related keyword search terms to create anchor links in your resource box. Doing the correct keyword research for your topic means more web site traffic. Do the same with your article but do not overdo it. Keyword stuffing is a red flag to many search engines as well as article publishers.

3. The Polish

Not all publishers will accept your articles. It may be due to stringent guidelines or a backlog of articles they have yet to review. But all it takes is one article directory to accept your article and expose it to a large readership. For this reason make sure your article is polished. Check for grammar or spelling mistakes. Due some ruthless editing and throw out what you do not need. Break large paragraphs into smaller ones which are easier on the eyes. Make sure there is a good flow to your article from start to finish. Keep it tight and targeted.

The internet is growing and changing rapidly but article writing is not going anywhere. In fact the more the internet grows the more unique quality content will be needed. Just remember to answer the why, utilize the targeted advertising (and monetary) potential of your resource box, polish your article to a professional looking tightly focused piece of work and the full benefits of article marketing will start coming your way.

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How to submited an article in free article directory
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