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How To Write A Short Article - Short Article Writing Tips For People Who Aren't Article Writers


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The thought of having to write a short article is overwhelming to a lot of people as they don't feel confident as an article writer. This article will discuss some short article writing tips for people who can't even string a sentence together and how easy it is to make a full time income online by writing articles for a living.

There are numerous benefits for writing and publishing articles. It is a great way to get free publicity to your website, it gets valuable targeted traffic to your sites and you will get an increasing number of backlinks to your site, which can ultimately affect your page rank.

However, a lot of people refuse to dabble in article writing because they think because they can't write that they can't publish their own articles.

Not true!

You are not alone and savvy internet marketers have listened to your words of frustration by creating niche content sites especially for people who can't write ebooks, ecourses, articles and niche reports.

What these content sites contain is private label content. What makes this kind of content so attractive is that it has ready made content for you to put to work as soon as you download it. Many of these sites release hundreds of articles every month for hungry niche marketers. These articles can then be published or rewritten and published and released around the world wide net with your own name attached to it as the article writer and your own resource box at the end where you promote your product and service in a compelling way.

A lot of research goes into creating these niche content sites and the ghostwriters of these products have already found a niche topic that is searched for a lot online.

Other than purchasing plr content you can learn how to write an effective short article. Articles don't have to be 800 words. A good article can be just 300-350 words. By the time you have written a compelling introduction and conclusion half of the work is done for you.

Another way to write a short article is to use a lot of bullet points in the article and also numbering so that the article actually appears longer than it actually is.

Another method people use to “write articles" is by hiring their own ghostwriters. Some forums in particular like Digital Point and the Warrior Forum have ghostwriters promoting their services for a very reasonable fee. However, be sure to see a sample of their work before you place an order.

Many people online are now becoming full-time, profitable internet marketers by becoming proficient short article writers. As long as your articles are interesting, well set-out and have a compelling conclusion and resource box, you can eventually replace a lot of your income solely through article writing. Not only that, if you become good at it you can also become a ghostwriter yourself or sell your articles as content on certain content sites.

I put private label niche content sites to the test. Check out the website below for plr scams and the content sites that I highly recommend.

Copyright 2007. We’ve had enough of inferior private label niche content sites that cost a fortune to join and are filled with useless articles, ebooks and products. For this reason we reviewed a range of private label niche content companies that promise the best value for money and superior private label products. However, NOT all niche content packages are created equal at all. Nor do they live up to their bold claims. Learn the shocking truth about private label niche content packages at my private label niche content review site by visiting now!


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Article Writing Tips - Do People Care About What You Write?
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