What Can We Learn About Success From Published Writers?


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Writers write? Right?
Whether we're amateurs or professionals, we all share one common daily activity - writing.

So it makes sense that those successful writers would enjoy writing about their personal experiences in the publishing industry as much as they enjoy writing articles, reports, or books for profit.

Thankfully many best-selling authors and established experts in our industry willingly share their advice and suggestions for those beginners seeking to develop a profitable, fulfilling career as a writer.

I have read a lot of free reports, downloaded dozens of free tips and guides offered by online authors, published professionals and Internet marketing gurus. I have also purchased guides to writing for a living, books about how to become a successful writer, and e-books written by online experts.

I cannot tell you how to become a successful writer or whose book you should buy to learn guaranteed secrets to getting published. I can tell you my personal opinion and beliefs about what advice has proven to be valuable and what suggestions failed to provide me with any assistance!

First of all, regardless of whether I read a free resource or paid for a book of ideas about writing, a few frequent recommendations were offered by most successful writers.

1 - Write what you know about. Use your own life-experiences, passions, and interests to inspire ideas for articles.

2 - Create a how-to report about something in demand by the masses. Information sells, they say.
Most commonly suggested topics include:

  • How to make money
  • How to save money
  • How to become a better. . . (parent, spouse, business person etc. )
  • How to succeed in. . . (life, business, personal relationships etc. )
  • How to get free stuff. . . (publicity, money, products, publications etc. )
  • How to reach your dreams
  • How to become more. . . (self-confident, financially secure, better-looking, slimmer etc. )

- and other topics that give people good ideas, viable resources, and unique opportunities.

3 - Establish your own personal website. Give your “how-to" report away for free. By doing these two things, they say you will be able to promote yourself without spending a lot of money and you will attract people to your website to get your free report, which will give you the opportunity to sell them your other services.

4- Produce an e-zine. By offering to deliver a “free" newsletter to someone's email box, you should be able to establish a list of readers. If your e-zine provides something valuable to your subscribers, you will continue to build a constant audience that you can promote yourself to every day, every week or every month (depending on the frequency of your publication. )

5- Write an e-book. Again your topic should be something you know about, some valuable tips you've acquired through your own life experiences or by extensive, documented research, or some unique, original ideas you can share with others to make their life better. Give your e-book away for free. (See #3 for the reasons why you should offer it free)

Maybe these ideas will work for you. Maybe they won't. Maybe they're becoming overused or over-publicized, thus decreasing their value, successful results and potential profitability.

For more information and resources to get published on the Internet, see the category Self-Publishing at - http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art1860.asp

Best of Luck to You! If becoming a self-published writer, creating an e-book or ezine, and/or getting published on the Internet are ideas that intrigue you, please be sure to come back to this site in the next few weeks. I plan to continue my coverage of these topics in more depth, featuring additional, related resources for you to investigate on the web.

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