A Checklist To See If How "Real" Is Your Info Product Idea?

Catherine Franz

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A 10-point checklist to help you be real with your idea

1  Can you make money from this idea?  What is available in
the marketplace now?  Is your market large enough to
generate the revenue you want?  Do you have the contacts to
make that happen?

2  Do I have enough attraction to the idea?  You don’t need
to have all the answers.   You don’t need to know exactly
what you are going to write about yet or all the answers on
how to create this.   What you want is to collaborate with
the Universe on this idea and allow all what you need to
emerge when you need it.   Yes, you need trust in this and
you might need to dance around the fears and doubts as well.
Give the idea enough trust that either it will be a complete
idea upon itself or it will emerge itself into another idea
to be upon each other.   Walk from a curious state of mind
and enjoy the journey.   The journey itself is a story that
others want to hear as well.

3  List of 10-20 places where you can market this idea.   If
you don’t have the places to market, then your focus needs
to change to finding those places first and having them
written down and ready to go when you need them.   When this
foundation is set the creativity of ideas flows more
naturally and the fears and doubts are much quieter.

4  List of resources where you can research the topic.   When
you list search engines - Yahoo, Goggle, what keywords or
phrases are you going to search on?  Begin a list of those
keywords.   Complete the research stage before drafting.   You
will want to outline and draft first and use this technique
to fill-in.   If you are unable to find enough information,
can you interview experts?  Call local colleges or

5  Identify at least five problems or challenges this
market is experiencing now?  Make a list of each problem or
challenge.   Next, draft up the solutions that you have for
those problems.   Do you have exercises, stories that you can
share, or forms?

6  List of five to ten benefits they will receive from reading
this information.   Then flush out (writing) what you will
tell them in response to those benefits.   Complete this
process one-by-one.   This point and identifying the problems
and solutions will develop into your outline.

7  List of your competitors on this topic. Who are
they?  Read all their material, or print it out and save it
for the research stage.    What angle are they using?  Do you
have a different angle?  If so, what is it?  Clearly, define
that angle.

8  Create a unique domain name if you plan to be set up
a one-page marketing web site.

9  List of people that you can discuss the idea with
that will listen positively.   Schedule time to explain your
idea to them.   This will help flush out the idea and some
angles or features you haven’t thought of yet.   Allow the
energy on the call to flow freely by recording the
conversation and catching additional details when you listen

10  List five to ten people that you can receive testimonial
support from, and then ask them.   Ask before forwarding the
infoproduct.   Always tell them your timeframe so they can
evaluate their schedule before committing.

Catherine Franz, a Certified Professional Marketing &
Writing Coach, specializes in product development,   Internet
writing and marketing, nonfiction, training.   Newsletters
and articles available at:  http://www.abundancecenter.com
blog: http://abundance.blogs.com


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