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If you don't have good fresh content to use for new products, your momentum comes to a crashing halt and so does your business.

So the question begs itself, how do you consistently create new content?

Here are your four basic options:

1) You can continually write your own materials. . . and you should.

2) You can record your thoughts and get them transcribed. . . and you should.

3) You can hire a ghostwriter to write materials for you. . . and you should.


4) You can purchase the rights to content that you can resell. . . and you should do this as well.

Each option has its own positives and negatives but in my opinion you should be doing a little bit of each.

Let me explain. . .

1) You can continually write your own materials

Writing you own original content is important because you don't want to become dependant on other people's thoughts. You want to train yourself to consistently think original thoughts and then capture them. People want fresh thinking. They don't want the same old, same old.

Setting aside regular periods to work on original content is a GREAT habit to form because over a period of time you’ll have the necessary ingredients to continually crank out new products for your market.

Just recently I started gathering all of the content that we have developed over the years. We had a MASSIVE advantage when it came to creating new products because he has been diligently working on creating new materials each and every year.

When you have raw content you can always create new things from it. Being disciplined to plan out time and record your thoughts is a FANTASTIC habit to master and can instantly serve you today and well into the future.

2) You can record your thoughts and get them transcribed

This falls under the same category of capturing your own original thoughts but it has one major advantage. . . it's a lot easier to do.

Most people forget that the transcripts are a valuable resource in product development. Your audience will have all kinds of different learning preferences. By providing the transcripts you are actually doing your clients a great service and as a result the transcripts instantly increase the value of your package.

If you enjoyed this article make sure to look up the other two articles in the series coming soon dealing with the other 3 methods of creating content: Part 2 - Hiring a ghostwriter and Part 3 - Purchasing The Rights Of Content You Can Resell!

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