Or is It Just Me?


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Here I am sitting in a tin can, far above the world. . . No hang on, that’s David Bowie. Blimey I’m easily distracted!!

What I meant to say was…

Here I am sitting in front of my PC desperately wanting to get into the habit of writing (is it still called writing, no…idiot, it’s typing. See distracted again).

Here I am yadda yadda yadda…wanting to get into the habit of TYPING (actually RECORDING is probably a better way to describe it) Sighhhhh

Here I am yadda etc wanting to RECORD anything that pops into my head. The trouble is trying to stay focused and trying to have it make sense. Failed already then!

I have been pestered by a friend of mine, hello Pete, to start writing. Pete has written lots.

Pete is an accomplished guitarist (although come to think of it I’ve never actually heard him play!! But I trust him, so we’ll go with that) He has also written a screen play. I have seen the actual script. Lots of words. So I can definitely confirm this as being true.

He has also written articles on music, written several guitar tutorial books (Burt Weedon will be pooing himself at the competition. Well he would if he was alive). In fact you can see this for yourself on his website. Unfortunately I’m not allowed to give the website address here. But I can assure you it exists.

Anyway, as I was saying Pete has been pestering me to have a go at writing. As you can see already from this attempt, Pete must be an IDIOT!!

Also, another friend of mine, hello Roy, is actively being creative with a website of his own.

When he isn’t at work he spends hours sitting at home in front of his PC in his undies and socks (allegedly), updating data on football scores (that’s soccer to you yanks out there) and predicting the coming weekend results, inviting others to do the same. Roy is our Techno Guru. If we want to know about anything, even none techno, Roy gets us the answer. Even to things like the lyrics to the Finger of Fudge advert. (not sure if you have a Finger of Fudge in America. It’s not a *** transmitted disease. It’s a chocolate bar). Although I must admit I am not convinced he got the correct lyrics. But nobody said he was perfect.

So here I am, a middle aged, fuzzy brained, just ever so slightly heavier than I should be bloke sitting between (at work. I know I know, I shouldn’t be doing this at work but hey, I’m too lazy to do it at home) two creative guys. I feel that I should have a go at being creative myself. How am I doing so far? Don’t answer that, I have feelings you know.

I must admit that the idea of having a good old rant about pretty much everything, and possibly somebody out there in the big WWW might think in a similar way and get back to me appeals to my curious side. But I’m not one for being too serious, although my Kids (kids, hah, they are all parasitic adults. No, that’s not true. They’ve passed that stage. Now they’re onto the “Oh my God when are they going to leave and give me back my life" stage) would probably disagree.

I want to put my thoughts out there and see what comes back. As you have probably guessed by now, I tend to write as I think. Cluttered eh? But I really do want to know if my little world is actually just a small world in a much bigger, yet linked in every way, universe of similarity on a global scale (Ooops, way too many mixed metaphors). Is there another just like me in say the USA, Russia, China or even in little old UK? Soon I will be unleashing my mixed up ranting on an unprepared, and probably disinterested, world.

Is there anyone out there at all interested in my ranting?


I was born in 1960. I have 3 grown up children, 1 boy and 2 girls. I have been married to Carol for over 20 years.

We have a smelly dog and a 3 legged cat I have been a chef and worked in a Bank, but I currently work for a large Insurance Company. I have a firm belief that I will one day win the Lotto and live an easy life - we all need a dream!


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