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The beautiful medical apparatus parts


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American plastics till 2008 medical apparatus manufacturing realm for hot the year need growth rate of the Su engineering plastics will attain 4.3%. The total amount will attain 4,300,000,000 pounds. Engineering plastics means to have a high performance and may replace the plastics of metal material. The structure material that is industrial to use also have the high performance plastics of function function structure. Big religion plastics the original material consume species for commercialize of hot Su plastics. Include PVC, PP, PE and PS. Leading than the need growth of common merchandise plastics species is still high. Hot Su engineering plastics application at process among the medical apparatus parts have all plastics resins at least depletion 20% of the total amount. It is mainly applied to process to make clinical medical science research and instrument used in diagnosis in. If inject the machine, and surgical operation knife. . . etc. various treatment instrument equipments and its outer shell.

Since October 7. EU collect on the shoes that comes from China 16.5% anti-dumping duties are for two years. Trade in Hong Kong development bureau thinks. This will seriously fight Hong Kong shoe industry. The Hong Kong's industrial head quarter worries. Future half year will 5% Hong Kong shoe companies close down. Currently. EU is the second Hong Kong shoes export market. The trade volume of involving attains hk$6,500,000,000. However. Hong Kong Mao hair spokesman Ju said. This time anti-dumping duty fights the harbor company's degree. Still need to see in the future have how much category of the shoe be brought into anti-dumping accusation of inside the scope. If isn't all shoe of categories be brought into anti-dumping scope. The influence presumably bringing to whole exit in Hong Kong isn't big.

Today. Iron lion Tony's classic series shoes still more than 200 work prefaces is made by the directly pure handicraft of experienced technical expert. Especially create in the shoe sole there is Mi on the craft not unauthorized biography of only technique in the door. But it has the movement series of modern meaning shoes very much. Choose American best reindeer skin. Is soft unique. The suitable barefoot wears. Iron lion Tony can also according to the feet type and size of the different national customer. Make reference to various different life appearances to carry on a different shape design.

This is also one of the magic weapon that it sells a world-wide locations. Certainly. The price of shoes also and the comfortable degree become direct proportion. Iron lion Tony's shoes is used to anticipate top-grade. Creating time is long. Match a feet type more. It is also very enduring. Its selling price nature is very expensive. In 1994 iron lion Tony is after landing Peking. The its male type is packing shoe in the list price of local market all generally in above 781000 dollars. In addition to traditional shoe product. Iron lion Tony the series product still include men and women to use leather suitcase, wallet and travel bag and each kind of adornment thing. Currently. Not the sale quantity of shoe product has already had to the half of iron lion Tony company turnover or so.


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