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Maid of Honor Speeches – Learn the Ways of Writing a Great Speech

Bruce Markey

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Place of maid of honor has always been considered as relevant. Therefore, the position of maid of honor is always assigned to sister, cousin, or to close friends. Becoming a maid of honor and delivering maid of honor speech is of tremendous honor.

The maid of honor shares loads of duties during the wedding. Generally, sister or a close friend of the bride becomes the maid of honor for her wedding and is entrusted with helping the bride complete all the chores of the wedding. From getting the good shoes to tackling bride’s emotional outburst is taken care of by maid of honor. Beside all these obligations, the first and foremost task of the maid of honor is to give the maid of honor speech on the day of the marriage.

Prepare yourself for the maid of honor speeches as without training presenting a winning and enchanting maid of honor speech is not executable even if you are a master public speaker. In case you are reading this article, it shows your commitment towards your role and duty.

Steps for the Maid of Honor Speeches:

1. Selecting Events:

You and the bride may have numerous memories that are worth mentioning but you should keep in mind the time limitation and thus choose only a few incidents that you both cherish. Select some precise stories or incidents. Hence, you should start readying the maid of honor speech at least three to four weeks before the wedding. Editing, modifying and practicing will also take time.

2. Say What You Want to Say:

Though the wedding day is meant for the newly-wedded couple, but you also play a decisive role on the day. Therefore, you should let your originality come out. In case you are a person with wittiness and mischief, let your maid of honor speeches showcase your mischievous nature! If you are a comedian at heart, let people amuse by your jokes! The important point is to be natural and say the true words.

3. Use Quotes and Poems:

Using poems and quotes in the maid of honor speeches are advisable but include them only if they are appropriate for the occasion. If you are not certain enough as where exactly to apply the quotes, poems, or feel that they are too flashy, forget the idea of including them in your maid of honor speech.

Remember, saying something of your own that comes from heart is always safer than stealing somebody else's ideas.

4. Simple and Smart - That's the Way It Should Be:

Short and simple yet smart speech is always the winning one. Long maid of honor speeches make the audience bored after a few minutes.

5. Practice and Practice:

Repeated and continuous rehearsals will make your speech perfect. With continual rehearsals and practices, your confidence, control over your voice and speech will improve and at the same time you will be able to find out the best posture.

Consider delivering maid of honor speeches as the final exam of your school days and start grooming yourself for the test.

6. What to Do and What Not to Do:

While talking about what to do and what not to do, the first that you should not do is borrowing other's ideas for your maid of honor speeches. Remember this is your friend's or sister's wedding therefore, you should prepare the speech of your own.

Do not forget to thank all the people sitting there, specifically the bride for selecting you as the maid of honor and bride's parents for organizing the beautiful evening. Be confident, thrilled and share the lovely, humorous memories you have about the bride with all. Tell her that she looks ravishing and together they look complete. Wish them to have a glorious wedded life and share some tips or advice. However, never mention any past break-ups, link-ups and anything that can demean the bride or the groom and select jokes, which can be apprised by people of all ages.

By following all the above steps, you will be all set to deliver the maid of honor speech.

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