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How to Easily Start a Conversation - Even If You Haven't a Clue What You're Going to Talk About


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You could cut the air with a knife. You've both started to speak but no words came out. Then you both froze like deer in headlights.

It's most people's worst nightmare. Having to start a conversation but not knowing where to even begin thinking about starting it.

So just how can you easily start up a conversation that will get even the grumpiest person to enjoy talking with you?

You're probably going to groan at the first suggestion: say “Hello". Yup, that old chestnut. But it works. Chances are, the other person will say “hello" back. So the ice is broken, or at least thinking about developing a crack or two.

Next, pick on something. Nothing too controversial. But something. Most everywhere there's something you can begin to chat about if you put your mind to it. The lurid green wallpaper. The outrageous price of gas. Or, if you're British, that excellent standby of “the weather". Which is always too hot or cold or wet or dry (or all of those!) for “this time of year".

By this stage, hopefully the other person will have said at least a few words.

Now the next bit is slightly more difficult:

Actively listen to what the other person is saying.

That's actually probably the biggest skill you can learn in conversation - spend more of your time listening. Most everyone likes to have their views heard. Give them that chance.

This has three benefits:

  • You don't need to talk as much.
  • You're automatically a good person to be around, because you actually listen.
  • You've got lots of things to talk about that you know the other person is interested in because they've told you.

Try these ideas next time you're tempted to run for the hills rather than talk to someone.

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How to Start a Conversation With a Woman
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