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Vocal Training - Breathing Exercises For Singers, Public Speakers, Actors and Athletes


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Attention all Vocalists!

The important word here is all. All refers to Singers of all ages and styles, Public Speakers who have a membership with Toastmasters Inc or specialize in Speaking at Corporate Seminars, Actors who need to project their Voice with Power and Clear Diction and Athletes who need to improve their Oxygen Intake for Optimum Physical Performance.

My experience with Professional, especially institutional, Vocal Training through the years is that the private instruction and lesson material is often taught in a very “Sterile" manner with little personality. Or it is taught by many people with no formal education that consider themselves Professional Vocal Teachers just because they have sung for a few years.

Anybody who has attended most University Music Programs knows that there has always existed a separation between the “High Brow Professor Crowd" and the “Amateur, Pop Music Crowd. " I have experience in both fields. I grew up with parents that had a music store that catered to pop music and they also promoted rock concerts. I played hard rock in many bands. Then, I challenged myself and got a formal degree with Music Teaching Credentials. I understand both sides of the “Vocal Music Educational Experience. " Due to this real life education on both sides of the fence, I am able to teach effectively to both sides. Further, my vision is not limited to just singers. I want to teach ALL PEOPLE how to operate their voice in a powerful, controlled and effective manner.

Further, one of the greatest oversights in the Vocal Training Books, in my opinion, is that they are not marketing to “all vocalists" in one book.

Try it. Go to a large bookstore and locate these three sections. Vocal training for Singers, for Public Speakers and for Actors. You will find a fair amount of books on Voice Training in the Singers section. In the other sections, look through the books. You will find only a very small mention of the subject or none at all.

This is incredible!

The fact is that the same comprehensive techniques to achieve Voice Power, Endurance and Clear Diction are needed for all three disciplines. They are forever joined, and not separate.

A good book should be written to teach Singers, Public Speakers, Actors and People who talk, beginners and pros, the proper way to sing and speak. My successful techniques are in harmony with the basic functions of the human body. From my College Music Education Experience, my over 25 years of teaching private voice to Singers and Speakers, the 10 years that I directed a large Choir and the numerous vocal competitions I have judged, I have been amazed at the absolute lack of basic vocal training that I have seen. I wrote this book to offer a manual to my own students and now I want to share my proven techniques to as many people as possible.

I want all people fully understand all the physical components of the human vocal instrument. Then they learn HOW to use them with power and confidence. Another example is my work with Athletes. My breathing techniques have helped many athletes to increase their stamina and overall abilities. Breathing correctly is important for everyone.

Readers of any book should learn the following important vocal training topics when they read a book: They will learn how to breathe correctly. This will be important even if they are not singers or speakers but just need to talk better.

They will be introduced to a thorough study of the three major body systems used to produce sound.

a) The Abdominal Muscles

b) The Larynx (vocal chords)

c) The resonating chambers of the neck and head

After a thorough understanding of basic function, they will learn how to coordinate these systems to produce powerful, clear and controlled sound.

They will learn the intricate aspects of proper diction and how to use the natural physical tools within their head to produce clear and powerful communication. They will learn the secrets to proper interpretation during any type of vocal performance. Ultimately, they will become confident and independent vocalists, able to teach others. I can't stress the absolute importance of the proper understanding of how your voice operates. Even if all you do is talk. Let me know how you are doing.

See you next time.

Check out my Bio.

Jonathan Morgan Jenkins


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